Apr 25, 2009

...uh, testing, is this thing on?

So... We've been busy going and doing a lot lately, and are in fact home in the US of A right now! We've had a lot on our plates, especially since I started working. Did I already mention that I work now?
I have been for the last two-ish months. I'm now the Director of Culinary Relations for Thrive / Shelf Reliance. I've been working with their food, creating recipes and ideas for people to use and incorporate their food storage into their everyday meals.
I was super hesitant since many of you know I'm pretty pretentious about food and mainly use fresh. But I started getting interested in building up my storage about a year or two ago and especially in the months leading up to Thrive approching me.
I must say, I'm UBER-impressed with the product and have come up with some really inventive uses that I hope people will like! Some of the items are definete 'food storage' items that I'll be really glad to have on hand for emergencies... but most are foods I will use on an everyday basis now, I'm not kidding. It's actually been a lot of fun!
So I've been in Utah the last week FILMING what I've been cooking up at the fabulous, practically paved in gold Orson Gygi theater. I did about 20 recipes that will be featured as 3-5-7 minute films that will be placed on Shelf Relicances website on the product pages, and then also made into a DVD at some point possibly.
I also did a photoshoot with Kelsey Nixon, since she is going to be working with them as well but I won't blow her secret on exactly what her role is. We're doing a commercial later in the week and then I'll be on Good Things Utah on Friday, May 1st talking about my job, the products, etc and I'll showcase some of the food I've made. 10:00 am if you're intersted in that...
There is more to my job than filming, I'll talk about that later.
Okay, that's all for now, we have about a bajillion pics and stories on what we've been up to lately but I can't make any promises on when I'll get to that! But here you go, so you at least know we're alive!
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