Dec 30, 2009

My Poo Poo. It isn't home yet.

Gabe's latest quote. Sorry if toilet talk makes you quease. You can just stop reading if it does.

So Ben asked the Boy if he needed to 'go to toilet' {as they say here} and Gabe said:

No. My Poo Poo isn't home yet.

He's since said this several times when asked if he needs to go, and it of course still cracks me up. He's even moved on from that and begun asking me:

Mom, is my poo poo home yet?

And I'll say, Uh, yeah, I think so. I think it's home now.

And he'll say,

Nope. It's not. My poo poo isn't home yet.

This goes for pee pee too. And then of course I, like many of you I surmise, am sucked into these antics and find myself taking them on as part of my own vernacular. Yes, he's now got me asking if It is home rather than my more regular styles of toilet-time question posing. And though some times It is home, more often it is not.
So then we wait for it to stop clubbing or going to the bank or washing it's car {or whatever it is doing not being home} and get home so we can get the business done.

And then here are a few choice shots of his little grooming experiment 5 days before our family pics were to be taken. He basically cut the front section to the scalp. Awesome. From the pics, I can guess that he is a fan of his skills, he seems pretty proud of himself. I was not a fan however. Here he is in the chair, blissfully unaware that I am about to plug in his arch nemesis, the clippers.

Dec 17, 2009

the dragonfly whisperer

It appears Laine has the gift. I'm so proud! A family trait, though present on both sides of her family, still incredbly rare, a virtue not to be taken lightly.

I'm talking about a gift difficult to understand. A keen awareness, a gift of discernement... Said oddity deals with the ablility of to relating to animals and insects, to communicate with them on a higher, more profound level.

Her maternal Aunt Kathy posses such a gift. For Kate it is cats. So yeah, they wink at her. Not a joke. Just ask her, she'll tell you. Cats wink. At her. Some dogs too I think.

And her paternal Grandfather, he once made eye contact with a bee. The bee stared him down the lane of the apple orchard. And he and this bee, they made eye contact. True story. He told me this himself, face to face.

And now Laine. Just this afternoon she told me,

"A dragonfly came down to say hello to me. It told me it loves me."

A special day. Very, very special day. She has the gift. The gene is not recessive.

Dec 10, 2009

Family Pics 2009

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

Nothing else new. Holidays are real low-key when you don't have family around! Just hanging out by the pool and throwing another shrimp on the barby!

Still looking for a house to move into next month... My sis Kate gets here in a week and we're all very excited about that and have thoroughly enjoyed our other visitors {my parents, Noah & Allison} We've gotten to see a lot of fun things and spend some great time!

Bridging topics, today Laine got lost in the shopping center. I was right there, but she didn't see me and started to panic. She went right up to a lady and was talking to her, all the while I'm calling her name and she's not hearing me.

Afterwards she saw me, grabbed me and clung on for dear life and laughed heartily, relieved of her worst fears.

I was curious what she told the lady, so I asked and she said:

'I'm looking for my mom. She's wearing a blue top and has a big mole on her face'

Are you serious? You're lost and that's the description you give?? Didn't do much for my esteem or my confidence that she'd be able to locate me if I was truly lost.

I don't know though, decide for yourselves. Evidence of said molehmolehmoleh:

As for Gabey, we've been potty training and it was not going well, we're talking months off and on. Then I bought these 'Wee Targets' and we're in business. I HIGHLY recommend them for boys of all ages.

They are black and heat sensitive, so when something warm hits them, it reveals a picture. Genius. Gabe is practically dying to go in the potty and he has even taken on my advice of drinking lot's of water to help the process. Very funny. It is actually a real crack-up.
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