Apr 9, 2008

My sis Katie

All I can say is THANK-GOODNESS my sister Katie now has a blog to document this and other antics she gets into. We are so alike, and as you will see, both still live our lives like it is our freshman year in college. Ashleigh you are no stranger to this concept. Anyway, I saw this on her blog this afternoon and wrote to her that I thought it was HILARIOUS in a way that I have never meant before. Here is "The Gorge" in her own words. And if you ever want to check out what other crazy stuff she is up to, her blog is "Katie" under my Family tab.

If you are thinking that this post has anything to do with Dave Matthews Band please don't read on. I don't really know exactly how to explain what took place on Sunday, but I will do my best to describe the events. Two years ago, I made Lisa a "Skor" cake for her birthday, and she told me that she thought if I left her unattended she could eat the whole thing. So, we have always joked that someday I was going to make her one and have her eat the whole thing. Naturally we told our other room mate MJ about it and she said that she thought she could eat an entire carton of ice cream. I started thinking about it and I don't really have a high tolerance for sweets so I said that I had to pick a food item. Anyone that knows me knows that my favorite food is meat. I am embarrassed by this fact, but it's true. My name is Kate Gildea and I am part carnivore. Anyways, so I said that I thought I could eat an entire chicken, or "the bird" as I refer to it. The three of us have laughed about it all year long and it has come up at various events like work party's and my birthday party and before we knew it we had all sorts of people on board. We had 9 people that participated in the event, only 4 completed the challenge. Note, it was called a challenge not competition. This was about personal best. So, here's everyone's challenge.

Abbey's: An entire gallon of milk and a dozen Krispy Kreams.
Challenge: NOT COMPLETE, 2/3 gallon of milk and 10 doughnuts. Just shy of her goal.
Casey: 2 entire Large Pizza's.
Challenge: COMPLETE, he was the first finished!

Tim: 2 entire Marie Calander's Pie's, one cream based, one fruit based
Challenge: NOT COMPLETE, finished the fruit based but only made it a couple bites into the cream based. No where near his goal.

MJ: One carton of "Loaded" Ice Cream and an entire package of fudge striped cookies.
Challenge: COMPLETE! Jenn: An entire loaf of Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.
Challenge: NOT COMPLETE, she did have a great tactic though smashing the bread down to make each sandwich include at least 6 slices of bread.

Carrie: And entire box of Mac & Cheese and a loaf of French Bread
Challenge: COMPLETE! It was carb overload but well worth it to complete the challenge!

Katie Jo: 8 Burger King Rodeo Burgers
Challenge: NOT COMPLETE, but SO close. Made it to 7 but could not physically go on.

Lisa: An entire Skor Cake
Challenge: sadly enough, NOT COMPLETE. She made it almost half way.

Kate: An entire rotisserie chicken (Colossal, serves 5-7)
Challenge: COMPLETE!

To be honest, this was probably the funniest thing I have ever done in my life. Everyone, well not everyone, but most people were pretty sick afterwards. Others knew their limits. We only had 2 hours to complete, so yes it was a timed event. Here's some pictures during the event.

Here's everyone in the beginning, we were so happy then!

Success! Look how excited she is, she had polished off the cookies. Thank you Abbey for making sure you were in the picture with your doughnut.

Here's the 3 originators of the Challenge at the half-way mark. Still going pretty strong....

For any of you who have watched FRIENDS, you know what happened next. I got the "meat sweats."

So then we decided to take it outside, Casey was helping Lisa make some room

Helping me "stretch out" for the remainder

It's hard to say if this picture took place before or after the milk curdled in her stomach. Her stomach is usually flat.
These 3 needed to take a break.....

After the event of course I was pretty sick, like to the point I threw up. But, the more I think about it the funnier it becomes, especially when I see the pictures. And I learned a lot about myself during the challenge. For example, I learned that I have more willpower than most, I won't stop until I get the job done. And I learned a lot about limits, I mean now I know exactly how much chicken I can consume, I mean if someone was to ask me to eat a checken that serves 7-9 I will have to say no. I know my max, it's a bird for 5-7 people, no more.


Kate Gildea said...

I am SO HONORED to be a part of your post and to be honest you are the first person I wanted to tell about this. You are probably one of the only people that completely understands exactly what happened here! You would have loved it Nat!

Andrea said...

This was a very thought provoking post. What would my food of choice be for this challenge? I know for sure it wouldn't be the bird or the pizza...I'll have to keep thinking about this one. Probably a couple boxes of vanilla wafers or something.

Kristine L. said...

Boooooo.... lame post alert. I already read this and got all excited for an update. Boooooooo.....

Now where is that freaking video of the harmony? :)

P.S. Jordan loved the pictures of Fiji so much, that he wants to like plan a trip there. I am like, um, a little out of our price range I think....

Lindsay said...


Melanie Whiting said...

I want to post this on my blog too, it is so funny and so katie. I am sad I missed out! Man to be in college again!

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