Jan 21, 2009


Some crazy people think they want to put up with this jack hammering and drama... so we are out of here! I kept praying and praying that everything would work out with a move -especially since Laine starts school next week so we really needed to be somewhere and have it figured OUT! And oh beauty has it ever worked out. We found this awesome house who accepted our total lowball offer and could vacate in the 2 minute's notice our agency gave us. They've been a dream to work with, which we really deserved after the beyotch of a peach we've been working with the last year.

It is in an awesome little town close to Ben's work and in a beautiful area with a funny name {Rouse Hill, yeah, we sound like hillbillies}. But we just couldn't be more excited and just when it seems like things couldn't get better -great new ward {we hear} awesome schools, duck pond and nature reserve close...then we find out that we live across the street from another American family who are in our ward. Hi, perfect.

So I'm in the midst of moving and knee-deep into a trip across the country to Perth for a few days. I'll be all alone until February 7th since Ben will be traveling from now until then. But things are good and I'm feeling truly blessed and grateful for all of the good friends and support I'm getting here through all of this.

Sorry I keep giving empty promises about what is to come -am I the only one who is losing interest in blogging? Please tell me I'm not alone. I'm sorry, but besides having to move with 2 weeks notice while you've got a 5 day trip planned in the middle and your husband will be gone for the whole thing, it's summer over here ya'll! And that sunshine just calls me a lot more than the radiating heat from off of the computer desk! Seriously, it has been so hot. The towels feel like they're fresh out of the dryer, not exaggerating! The whole house just radiates HEAT.

Okay, no promises this time, I'll be back when I can. It might be March, but I will update Christmas and all things Perth and the move.


Gaengy said...

Glad things are working out well for you. You are always so upbeat, I would be stressed out of my mind, being alone and moving and going on trips! Good luck with it all and keep us posted!
Love you MOM

Mel said...

I think your sister is rubbing off on you with the blogging thing (Nicole). Sometimes I feel like it sometimes I don't. I am sure the more time that goes on the less I will blog. It seems to be a pattern with most people!!! But I love your posts! They are so funny and add entertainment to my life, so don't stop! Just do it when you can which may not be a lot right now. Congrats on the move. I would love to see a picture!! I bet your neighbors are sooooooooooooo sad!!! They loved your kids! Anyways hope all is well girl and hang in there!

Just Me said...

Hi Nic, it's Jen (from Perth, make that now LA, make that will be Texas) - No, you are NOT the only one losing interest in blogging; I haven't updated our family blog since before Thanksgiving (and I really do have amazing pictures to put up). I am so fuming we aren't in Perth, because I would have LOVED to have met you and shown you and the kids around. What are you going for? I'm becoming you - we're moving from LA to Houston in 5 weeks (we were given slightly more notice than you) and we've only been here 8 months. So fun - NOT! Because you don't have enough to do, would love to email chat with you sometime (gdayfromla @ gmail. com)

Karmann and Ryan said...

Hey girl! I will be thinking of you as you deal with alot of stuff on your plate right now. I love reading your posts and miss you while you are away but know that as it is nice to be able to post things, prioritzing your life from the most needed down is what is needed and totally understood if your blog is getting neglected. Just know that I love you and when you do have time to post, I sure love reading what is going on with you! I think you are so amazing and you uplift my day when I read what you write! Know that I love you and hope things continue to go well as you take on these new challenges!

Lindsay said...

I'm getting sick of it too. BUT I found a sight a day or so ago that will print your blog into a pretty little book with pictures and all, so I am trying to renew my dedication. Glad you are moving, sounds like a dream come true. Please post pictures when you get around to it!


Lindsay said...

replace "sight" with "site" :)


Ashley said...

Go! Move! Vacation! Be Merry! We'll all be here when you get back:) Good Luck.

AnneMarie said...

You are Super Woman Nat! I would be freaking out! Good luck with it all. And no, you're not the only one who looses interest in blogging, I think it cycles for everyone.

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