Dec 30, 2009

My Poo Poo. It isn't home yet.

Gabe's latest quote. Sorry if toilet talk makes you quease. You can just stop reading if it does.

So Ben asked the Boy if he needed to 'go to toilet' {as they say here} and Gabe said:

No. My Poo Poo isn't home yet.

He's since said this several times when asked if he needs to go, and it of course still cracks me up. He's even moved on from that and begun asking me:

Mom, is my poo poo home yet?

And I'll say, Uh, yeah, I think so. I think it's home now.

And he'll say,

Nope. It's not. My poo poo isn't home yet.

This goes for pee pee too. And then of course I, like many of you I surmise, am sucked into these antics and find myself taking them on as part of my own vernacular. Yes, he's now got me asking if It is home rather than my more regular styles of toilet-time question posing. And though some times It is home, more often it is not.
So then we wait for it to stop clubbing or going to the bank or washing it's car {or whatever it is doing not being home} and get home so we can get the business done.

And then here are a few choice shots of his little grooming experiment 5 days before our family pics were to be taken. He basically cut the front section to the scalp. Awesome. From the pics, I can guess that he is a fan of his skills, he seems pretty proud of himself. I was not a fan however. Here he is in the chair, blissfully unaware that I am about to plug in his arch nemesis, the clippers.


julie said...

That was hilarious! Got me thinkin...maybe my kids poo goes shopping or to the bank too...hahaha that was too funny! Gabe, thanks for the laugh! Are we seeing you guys tonight?

Lindsay said...

Nat, you are soooooooooo funny. Too bad about his hair...He just wanted to make sure you NEVER forgot. :)

frugalisfab said...

That is too funny. He is such a handsome little devil!

ryanandginger said...

That's hilarious. Savannah used to sit on the toilet waiting for the "elves" to make the poop. The first time I heard it I cracked up

Gaengy said...

Cute story, cute pics, cute boy!

Emilee said...

The poo story is funny! Kids say the funniest things. Sorry about the haircut, but he does look so proud.

WelfareWisdom said...

That cracks me up!!! My kids are still laughing:)
Nat- where do you get your background/backdrop from??

Hayley Nelson Potter said...


lilDdownunder said...

Hey Natalie, Thanks for checking out my blog, it's always nice to hear from other expats and have new blogs to read from them! I live just north of Sydney on the Central Coast, but I'm currently back in California waiting for my De Facto Spouse visa to be granted. Love your cooking journal, too!

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