Sep 12, 2007

Another fun weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun. Sweetest Aunt Katie came down and watched the kids while Ben and I went on a date Friday night. We went to Market Street with Jason and Kim Norton, it was so fun, should have brought my camera!

Saturday we wanted to go do something fun as a family Chuck E. Cheese was it! Ben decided to ride his bike and drop it off at the cycle shop for a tune-up, so Katie and I followed with the kids in tow a few minutes later. I was supposed to bring Ben's flip-flops, as he only had his cycle shoes. However, I actually forgot to bring them. But by the time that we discovered this we were too far into the trip and didn't want to turn around and go all the way home. So after some quick thinking we came up with a soloution...

Katie happened to have a 2nd pair of shoes! So Ben wore my flipflops (I know most men would not be trilled to be wearing women's flip-flops in public, but for those you who know Ben, you know he was especially not excited about it, which made it all the funnier for me!)

This pic doesn't really capture that Katie's shoes were 10 sizes too big for me and my flops were 10 sizes too small for Ben. I kept forgetting how ridiculous we looked, but then every time I would remember and look down and see Ben in my shoes with his heel hanging off the back 3 inches I would just lose it!

Here is Laine attempting ski-ball again. The girl was lethal! I am surprised we walked out of there without serious injuries and a lawsuit on our hands. She threw the ball a coupled of times and it sailed 5 lanes over each time before we could get her to stop and give her some ski-ball tutorials.

Cute Gabe loving the pizza. As for me, I could barely gag it down, but he sure seemed to like it.

Can't wait to go again (in a few months / years!)


Nick & Nicole said...

Love the shoes!! Hayden loves seeing the pictures of "Geebe" and "Waynge."

Ashleigh said...

A true Riley family fashion . . . I laughed. I need a sweet aunt Katie. I'm going up to see them on the 22nd . . . I'm sure it will everything I anticipate!

James and Heather English said...

Natalie you need to write a book about your life! It can't just be a normal night at Chuck E. Cheese, there always has to be a twist! Love the yellow shoes being huge on you! Poor Ben and the girly flip flops haha!!

Lindsay said...

SO funny. Also funny: Before I read anything, I looked at the picture and first noticed your cute yellow shoes. Then my eyes went to your husbands feet and I thought, 'I've never seen GUYS flips flops like that...?'

After reading, and laughing a bunch, I understand. You are so cute!

Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

I am laughing hard about the shoe swapping. That's classic.

bloggingchristy said...

Wow, Natalie, you are so sweet! Thanks so much for what you wrote. I can't believe you remembered me! It's funny though, I truly honestly thought you were one of the nicest people I've ever met too.

And YESSSS we live in Dallas (well Lewisville, 15 minutes away)! Oh I would be so happy if you moved here! I love when people I know come here! If you do come down at all call me! I will come with you to look at houses and eveything!

Your kids are adorable!!

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