Sep 5, 2007

Labor Day Fun -hitting a new low

Here is a pic as evidence of the fun we had over Labor Day weekend, except that we didn't have our camera out when the real fun started. Keep reading.

So we went down to St. George for the weekend. Hit the shopping, hit the pool, hit the food, saw the grandparents... We stayed at the Riley's house while they were in Payson, which was so fun. It was especially fun for Ben and I since we spent the first part of our honeymoon there. Needless to say it would have been more fun to relive the memories sans the kids!

Sunday night we headed up to Payson for Onion days with the Riley's. I was feeling some serious rumblings, and Gabe was not feeling good either. I tried to shrug it off, but by the middle of the night Gabe and I were both throwing up. Morning came and I was only feeling worse. Everyone went to the parade. Ben stayed back to take care of me, which was so sweet of him. By this time I was feeling worse for Ben than for me. He had so looked forward to all the fun of Onion Days that he had missed since we had been gone the last 4 years!

I mustered up all of my strength to make it to the Ellsworth Family Party at GG's. I was doing pretty well for a while, even got some watermelon down. I was thinking in my mind how embarrassing it would be though, if I got sick again and had to make a run for it. There would be no where to go. It was a maze to get inside the house, and too many people would be in the way. I would have to puke in the front yard in front of everybody. I willed myself to keep the food down. But then the sun was kind of hot and my heart started racing. I looked over at Ben and told him I was not doing well. I said, "I'm going to pass out" and he ran over, caught me just as I did in fact pass out. He carried me to the grass where I woke up puking my guts out. So embarrassing! I hit a definite new low in my life, passing out and puking in the front yard at a family party.

When we came home later that afternoon, Ben was so, so great. He unloaded the car, unpacked everything, and took care of the kids while I continued to try to sleep it off. What a guy! His selflessness really turned the day around for me. I woke up and the kids had been fed and were asleep and so we got to relax and cap the day off with a movie. I am feeling much better now, thanks!


Rileys said...

Hey Nat- Jesse says next year you might not want to bring the booze to the family get togethers.
But man that sucks. Puking has to be the worst sickness, I feel for you. Rylee and I are both feeling kinda crumny with stomach aches, but thankfully no puking! We're on day two, so we are hoping it ends soon.
And hope your doing better, what a nice hubby to take care of you too.
Love ya guys

The Wells Family said...


YOUR the one that looks freak'in awesome! I showed my mom your family blog because she likes "cute Ben" (as she calls him). Her first comment was, "Boy, Ben sure got a cute wife...a really cute wife!"

We would love to chill sometime..when I can get Rob's nose out of his studies. And then maybe we can hose our husbands off in the backyard together. :) (Hee Hee)

Oh...glad you are feeling better. We had the same thing a week ago...thank heaven's no puking.


Andrea said...

We love St. George too (and went on our honeymoon there too). Sorry you were so sick. I hate that!

James and Heather English said...

Oh Nat!
That is the worst story ever! Throwing up is never fun, especially when you are at someone else's house. This flu bug is going around like crazy right now! Hope all is well at the Riley home again. :)

Jocee Bergeson said...

That sounds like a Labor Day that you'd like to forget...especially the throwing up part. You were a good sport to even attemp to go - being sick is the absolute worst!

Kristine G. said...

At first when I started reading this I thought that you had played a nasty trick on us and "acted" like you were sick because you didn't want to tell us you were in St. George rather than golfing... But I guess the rest of your story seems legit. Hope you are feeling better!

Morton Family said...

Wow! Sorry you were so sick. Your Labor Day made mine sound like a blast. I would much rather fold laundry than puke in public. I think I would rather do anything than puke in public.

Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

I am sorry you had to go through all of that, but it made me laugh! I hope you're feeling better.

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