Jan 10, 2008

How Ya Going?

Well, we have arrived! And despite using Hotel Room Shampoo to wash my face last night and reading Laine the In-Room Dining Service Menu for a bedtime story, we are no worse for the ware!
We arrived 2 days ago and have been very busy trying to set up house. Ben has been swamped at work already, but is loving his new job. The kids have done their best to be troopers as we drag them here there and everywhere from sunup to sundown. They say, "How Ya Going" here, so far that has been the hardest thing to get used to, I still say, "Good, how are you doing?" Anyhow, we will get some pics of our new adventures up soon! For now, enjoy some pics from Christmas at the Gildea's.
Pop Pop with all of the Grandkiddies
The Girls: Nicole, Katie and Hannah in the back, Kristine and Me in front
The Boys: Gabe and Ben, Dad, Nick and Jax
All of the girls and Gaegy, Laine was a little bit into being Mary, she carried on with it all night
Gaengy and Katie with Laine and Gabe
Laine and Jax having a snuggle
Everyone was able to be there together, except Jordan {Kristine's fiancee} had to leave early to join his family. We had a great time skating at Roller Towne, a new family tradition. Another yearly tradition we all look forward to is receiving our Christmas shirts from Dad {he goes to Gen-X clothing or something akin to find the most hideous things he can find}. Unfortunately we didn't get a pic of all of us with our shirts on, nor did we get one of our lovely gloves we also got from Dad. In order to inspire us to do our chores, my dad purchases a set of house cleaning gloves for all of us and then drew in fingernails on all of them {as well as our names on each set so we "don't get into fights about who's are who's"}. This is a semi-annual tradition to receive these. We all about wet our pants, I WILL get a pic of mine so that you can see them. I didn't get a pic of us watching the worst move EVER made, Elizabethtown, but I did take an air camera pic so I can treasure it in my heart always {you will only understand that last one if you have indeed seen this truly horrible movie}.


Kristine G. said...

HAHA! Man, I forgot about all of the fun times we had. P.S. Can you send me the Rollertown pics? They were all on Ben's camera and I hope that you saved them! Just in your spare time between that and moving, jetlag, etc. I will copy you in on the other pics I had from the break when I send them to the others.

Jenni said...

Looks like you all had a nice Christmas. I have to say that I remember liking Elizabethtown. I can't figure out why you thought it was so horrible. I think they had some really creative scenes like the phone conversation ones. Anyway, I saw it for ever a go so I can't totally remember it.
I am anxious to see how you are living in Australia. I can't even imagine what it would be like.
By the way, I am really happy with my pizza stone and you are the first one to put the idea in my mind that I needed one, so thanks!

The Wells Family said...

Yeah! You arrived safely! I am dying to see/hear all the new things that happen in Australia. My life isn't nearly as exciting without your hilarious blogs! I am glad that Christmas was well spent. Your dad sounds like a serious crack up! I can just imagine a night out with the Gildea family! :) HA HA! I am jealous.

Mike & Nicole said...

Hey Nat! I can't wait to hear all about your new adventures there in Australia. Be sure to post some pics often:) Thanks for the note on my blog... I just wanted to make sure you know I am not really depressed to the point that I can't function! It probably came across like that, but really I just had to write for a class assignment and that is what was on my mind. I didn't want you to think I was suicidal or something. Ha Ha! So sad when the holidays are over. Lets for sure get together when you come back in March!

Utley Family said...

I'm glad that you arrived ok! We miss you but look forward to hearing about all your adventures! By the way, did you rent your house? I know someone looking for a place to rent in our ward. I figure it's already rented but thought I would ask anyway. Good luck with everything!

Gaengy said...

Dad was cracking up at your post about loving the pictures and gloves since nobody wore thiers but Nick, maybe Jordan put his on to be nice! Glad you are there safe. Love and miss you all

Gaengy said...

Sorry that was supposed to be t shirts not pictures!

Nick & Nicole said...

Glad you arrived safely and are settling in on your new adventure! Did that glove thing happen this year?? I remember dad doing that a long time ago, but did dad do that again this year after we left and we missed it? Dad is hilarious, the funniest part is how he gets such a kick out of himself and gets so red in the face with his shoulders shaking, laughing at himself. Too bad we didn't get a picture with all of us in our shirts, I had mine on. Mom said dad was threatening to not do the shirt thing anymore because no one wore theirs. Dad, please don't stop this tradition, it is one of the best things about Christmas!
Elizabeth town truly is the worst movie I have ever seen. As you were all growning when dad put it on, I thought, how bad could it be. SO, SO BAD!! I think it is one of only maybe five movies in my life that I have ever fallen asleep watching. I can't even believe how bad it was. I was cracking up about your imaginary picture comment, so, so funny! Again, dad was hilarious with his imaginary picture taking. What a funny family we have. Love you and hope you guys quickly get adjusted to the new surroundings.

Melanie Whiting said...

Hey Natalie glad you are back on. How was your cruise? I want to hear all about it and how Norweigan was. (sp) Was this your first cruise? How is Australia? Are you there yet? You might be cut out for a dog I am just not. Just think about everything that could go wrong in one day did. I don't want to offend my cousin that is why I didn't post about it. Anyways your family is great. I can't wait to see you all at Kristine's wedding.

Lindsay said...

Wow, you are so brave. I can't wait to read and see pictures of your new "home"... I LOVE reading your posts. They make me laugh every time!!

JLR said...

Your Christmas looked great, and I am so glad you guys are safe & sound in Australia. I love the "how ya going?" When we were in England it was "hiya, allright?" That took me a while to get used to too. There's a posting available in Canberra in 2009 that Len is totally going to apply for. It's a long-shot, but it would be so cool if we got it and you guys were still there and we could visit again. Anyway, can't wait to read your next post =).

Allison & Noah Riley said...

I love that you call your parents Gaengy and Pop Pop! We finally got our hands on the seasons, so Noah is in on all the jokes now.

I'm glad to hear you four are there, safe and semi-settled :) We're excited to keep up with your fun adventures over the next few years!

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