Feb 23, 2008

At least one of us looks good!

So there is this family inside joke we have. A few years ago, someone who will remain nameless, told me that I had a great figure for "leggings and an oversized shirt". Yah, Nice.

"Oh Natalie, know what you would look great in? Yes girl -leggings and an oversized shirt! It would be so great! What? You don't have any leggings or oversized shirts? That's madness, MADNESS I say! Why when you have just the PERFECT figure for leggings and an oversized shirt?! We really need to get you some, it would just be Heavenly! You say that last sentence while simultaneously performing "stink eye" -I will have my sister Katie demonstrate what stink eye is, if you don't already know, in a future post. For now, suffice it to say that one eye is open and the other eye is half open and half closed with the lid fluttering, a gesture used to signify EXTREME significance or importance.

This might not be as funny as it would have been before "leggings and an oversized shirt" came back into style somewhat. Or at least skinny jeans with an oversized shirt. However, I just wanted to post some pictures showing that at least Gabe looks good in his leggings and oversized shirt! The matching shirt for these jammies was MIA, so I threw this one on and he is rockin' the look!

I also wanted to post some better pics of my little eater. Those other ones from the last post are so weak in showing the magnitude of how this boy puts down the food.

Don't forget to notice the white-trash high-chair, i.e. a "borrowed" bumbo sitting on top of chair "borrowed" from Ben's office {-Yeah, their not getting that beauty back! Shhhh, don' tell} We also finally have a table as of a few weeks ago when Ben also "borrowed" a side-table that belongs in a hall from the office.


Gaengy said...

Looks like Gabie goes from one extreme to the other with his fashion. First the leggings and oversized shirt and then I love the belly shirt in the eating photos, exposing his little pot gut! You guys are too funny. Cant wait to see you all.
Love MOM

Katie said...

Ok, I am dying! Ha ha, it's unfortunate that you never got into the fashion. I mean, I really think you have the body for the leggings and oversize shirt. He is too cute, I could just eat him up. Just let me know when you would like a photo of me doing stink eye. I don't want to hide my talents under a bushell..

Kari said...

you STILL don't have your stuff?!?! how long is it supposed to take? way to go making the most of hallway tables and oversized shirts. :)

Nick & Nicole said...

Katie does the best stink eye ever! Love your new furniture, it is really classy!

Hansen's said...

That is hilarious. And I am sure you have told yourself this several times but...this is getting a little ridiculous, I can't believe your stuff still hasn't arrived.

Nick & Leila said...

I can't believe how darling your family is!! So I have a confession. I saw you two awhile ago in the parking lot at Target but it was one of those days that no one should see you. We had just moved and I had paint, dust and the world's ugliest clothes on and couldn't bring myself to show my dirty face. So, sorry! Hope all is wonderful!!

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