May 5, 2008

Funny kids and "Double" Prams

So somewhere along the line Laine has been educated in the wonderful art of the knock-knock joke. She seriously just came home saying them one random day. I have no idea where she learned them or who "taught" her. She thinks she is hilarious. They go a little something like this:

Laine: Knock Knock

Me: Who's there?

Laine: Dinosaur

Me: Dinosaur who?

Laine: Dinosaurus Rex

This is promptly followed by an uproar of laughter coming from Laine, per usual when she tells any kind of "joke"

L: Knock Knock

M: Who's there?

L: Dora

M: Dora Who

L: TV Dora

...More Laughter...

L: Knock Knock

M: Who's there?

L: Flying in the air

M: Flying in the air who?

L: Me

As promised {though I am pretty sure no one really was waiting by the computer}, here is a pic of our double stroller. We actually have a Joovy, which is a sit and stand type of stroller that I LOVED when Gabe was a newborn and Laine was 2. But it is pretty heavy for these hills and all of the walking you have to do when you are a one car family. It just got to be too much and I resorted to this because I am a weakling.

When we went to Fiji, we seriously only took this umbrella stroller. And this is what we looked like everywhere we went. I also was seriously taking Gabey on the 10-15 minute walk to Laine's school to pick her up, and then bringing them all the way home like this. None of us really minded at the time, but are really glad we have our bike trailer / jogging stroller now! And oh yeah, since it is winter we are back to dressing the kids in their warm Halloween costumes as jammies. Laine is living in this chicken suit, she never wants to get out of it. She has even cast off her beloved "space" suit {aka track suit}. But not the space ships unfortunately...

And as of tomorrow we will finally have a second car! It has been a LONG four months sharing. And by sharing I mean me not having a car but once every fortnight. And by fortnight I mean once for every time we built a fort, which has not been that often lately. We bought a Nissan X-Trail. They are really cute, it is a smaller SUV, pewter color since I know you are wondering.


JLR said...

What a clever double stroller =) and congrats on the new car!

AnneMarie said...

We just had the Civic for a while until I had absolutely had it. John came home one day wondering who was visiting with a van:) Congrat on the car! And, cutest chicken ever!

Kate Gildea said...

Ok, I am seriously dying about this post! Not the exclamation! But seriously, the double stroller. You are too clever lady! And I couldn't be happier about the chicken suits return. Now why isn't Gabey in his zebra suit? And fortnight....honestly!

Kristine L. said...

Haha, that is hilarious. I can COMPLETELY imagine her saying the jokes though and hysterically laugh at herself. Funny girl.

Love the double stroller and the chicken suit. Maybe you should ask if they have chickens in space... actually don't because maybe she will realize that they usually aren't and will refuse to wear the suit.

The Wells Family said...

Ha Ha!! I loved seeing the chicken suit makes its return debut. Seriously, who said being a parents isn't one of the funniest things ever? Sometimes I would to be five again and let you be my mom...I think i might never want to grow because of all the comic relief that you bring. Ha Ha! No kidding on the one car thing. Rob's car seems to always break down right before finals, which means he doesn't have time to fix it. I go REALLY stir crazy when i know I can't go anywhere because I don't have a car!

Karmann & Ryan said...

I love reading your posts!!! I laugh so hard each time and can hear your voice telling it. I love you so much and enjoy your sweet humor and think how lucky your kids are to have YOU for their mom!

Lindsay said...

LOVE the chicken suit!

They are such cute kids. Like, I mean really really cute kids.

Hansen's said...

I REALLY enjoyed the "Dinosaurus Rex" joke! Too bad she didn't bust out the "why did the chicken cross the road" joke it would have been very fitting. Your a crack up Nat!

Nick & Nicole said...

Avery went through that exact same knock-knock joke phase. She would tell the same "hilarious" jokes over and over. However, it was not good enough for her to just laugh at the jokes, she would say to me "laugh mom." Then she wanted me to tell a knock-knock joke, of which I think I know only 2 (Dwayne the bathtub, orange you glad I didn't say bananna). It got to the point that I rented her a knock-knock joke book from the library so that we could have some new material. It was not a phase that I was sad to see go.

Congrats on the new car, and you are a genious with the double stroller. I already posted a pic of my "double stroller," where Hayden would hold on to the car seat part. Unfortunately that doesn't work anymore since Jaxton isn't in the car seat anymore. Hayden is on her own now. Which means she is wandering off without a care in the world. So fun.

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