May 24, 2008

My Dad, the Hero

I have always loved and respected my Father so much. I have always looked up to him in so many ways. He has more integrity than I've ever known any one else to have. The man raised 5 girls {no boys} enough said.

My Dad always worked really hard to make a good life for our family. He was a firefighter. We weren't a rich family, though many around us were. I didn't care though. I was really proud to tell people what my Dad did. We loved visiting him at the firehouse when we were little. It was great as a kid, and so much fun to go bring Sunday dinner to him and hang out at the firehouse, pretty much the coolest place on Earth. And on those days when you get to go visit the firehouse for a school field trip, I could have given the tour myself, which was another reason to be proud.

It has been so great that since 9/11 that more people realize and appreciate the service and sacrifice of these men and women and their families, as well as other branches of law enforcement. This isn't some job they have, they are a brotherhood. They risk their lives together, and I've seen my Dad the day one of his men has fallen. It's like nothing you can describe.

Today I got an email from my Mom, and maybe it is the stress or that I sometimes get homesick. But I was proud again, and I was moved to tears. My Mom said that a member my Dad's crew has a brain tumor. They were hopeful, but the cancer is aggressive. Just yesterday, when the results came in, they discovered that even with more chemo and radiation, this man will die within 6 months to a year.

My Dad has taken it very hard, as well as the rest of their crew. In order to show their support, they have all shaved their heads. This would be touching already, but man, you didn't know what a gorgeous head of thick lustrous hair he had. It was beautiful. Thanks for your service, and thanks for showing us what it means to be a friend and brother.

Thanks for once again being an example to me Dad. I love you.


Nick & Nicole said...

When I talked to dad yesterday he asked me if he looked like a bullethead. He is hilarious. This is so sad, but so awesome to see people pull together. Dad, you are one awesome guy!

Gaengy said...

Yesterday I was in such shock at the loss of dads beautiful hair I was not appreciating it as well as Nat did. Thanks again Nat for the reality check. I thought it would be funny to take some pics while dad laid down for a nap. I posted the pics to the kids thinking they would get a kick out his new "do". We went out for errands and I came home with 3 emails from Nat requesting some better pictures so I took these 2 she sent. As we spent the day together I could see how much all of this meant to him. At first I thought he was joking around because well thats what he does alot with me. But he is such an infulence for good and is so loyal. Thanks for the post reminding me of all the fun times we have had together with dad in his career. I will send some of the guys next week when dad is back on shift.

pop pop said...

Thank you for the kind comments. This is a very sad story, and a good reminder on how fast life can change. Frank helped me with a project on Thursday, had a siezure on Friday, and continued having them over the weekend. They diagnosed his tumor over the weekend. He went to Sacramento on Wed, had surgery that went well, but left him with some deficits. We were feeling pretty good about things as we were told the deficits may resolve over time.

Then the biopsy results came back, and it is an extrememly aggressive cancer, and Frank was given 6-12 months to live. A good reminder that we can not take anything for granted.

THe guys at the department have been great to go out and finish the projects that had been started at his home. I will try and get pics of the group. Love Dad

Lindsay said...

You are one of the coolest people I know. Thanks for being real, you rock.

Kristine L. said...

When Katie told me that he did it, I was like... oh no... this can't be good and went on thinking that it was just one of those crazy things that dad does on occasion. I had no idea it was for a good cause! It is so neat that they are joining together like that. Thanks for your great example dad!

Kate Gildea said...

This is so sweet, thanks for the sweet post. You made me cry and work...again. Love you more than you know Dad! Thanks for your great example yet again!

Emilee said...

What an awesome dad! Great post!

JLR said...

Your dad sounds like a real stand-up guy!

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