Jul 21, 2008

Cutest girls in the whole world!

Oh man, do we love our neighborhood. I could just gush for hours about Clara, the Korean next door, or Ray and Christine and their 3 girls on the other side. Love them! And then we have Dawn and Richard, the Britons from across the street. They emigrated here 3 years ago and we have so much in common with them where we are both foreigners here alone without our family or friends. We both love it here, but have a real twinkle in our eye when we talk about or reminisce of home. They are great.

They are the parents of the two girls I wrote about last post. Chelsea is 11 going on 37. She is your stereotypical Brit with her refined speech and all, so it really comes out of no where that she is so hysterical and fun! I wish I had a few good quotes for you, but the only one I remember offhand is when she came and knocked on our door a few months ago to invite us over for "nibbles" at her parents home and as she left she said, "Well, the offa is thea {there}" It was such a crack-up for this tiny kid to talk like that!

Chelsea and Laine kickin' their dogs up to watch a movie together. Ignore Laine's belly hanging out

Amber-leigh is 15 and is still has managed to not reach the age where she isn't too cool to hang out with a 1 and 4 year old. She is so cute with the kids and in news that is sure to make my sister Katie jealous as all get out, they absolutely adore her.

She is so great, even though Laine calls her 'Molly' much of the time. Yeah, Molly is their dog. Laine is not so good with names... She calls Chelsea 'Jocee' a lot too, Jocee is a girl from school. In other news, she also calls our babysitter Nikee {yeah, like the shoe} 'Nugee', not sure where that one came from. In other randon tidbits Nikee has a sister Demi, as in Moore, and L'oreal, just thought you'd like to know.

Anywho, I always knew I wanted to be the "cool" mom and have all of the kids meet over at our house. I just didn't realize it would happen when my kids were only 1 and 4. I knew the girls liked the kids well enough, but I had no idea they liked them enough to hang out almost every day of their school holiday! I was so happy when they came 'round knocking on the door to see if the kids wanted to go to the park with them. We had so much fun that we made it a daily tradition!

Last week the girls did sidewalk chalk with the kids and ended up making this great track for Laine to ride her bike around. It was complete with carpark, round-about, flower patch, and bridge. Laine LOVED it and since it hasn't rained yet, she still has it and continues to ride around on it everyday. It doesn't look NEARLY as cool as it does in person, it was pretty freakin' awesome, I'm not going to lie.

Anyway, we love these girls! We'll miss you when you go back to school!


Gaengy said...

Wow! You are blessed! What a great time had by all. How wonderful the girls love your kids! That sidewalk track looks so fun! I bet you are sad they go back to school soon!

Nicole said...

That is so nice that you have great neighbors, that makes all of the difference in the world. I wish we had awesome neighbors. They all might as well have put up a sign in their windows that say "we have no interest in knowing you or getting to know you." And when I bring treats around at Christmas, they look at me like, "why are you here."

In most households both parents work. Most people have yard people, so they aren't outside to chat with. They come home from work and close the garage before they even get out of the car and you just don't see them outside.

We do have a super Halloween block party, so I guess that is pretty awesome, but none of our neighbors make it to the block party. So I guess it isn't just us they don't wish to socialize with.

Carl and Mel said...

Wow, that is awesome to have older girls like that! I would love that, and yeah you are the cool mom on the block for sure!

AnneMarie said...

Older girls who play fun games with the kids is the best!

Kate Gildea said...

Um I think you know how I feel about my kids adoring other people...yeah not my favorite thing at all...

That is so sweet though, what cuties

Kimberli Tripp said...

Hi Natalie-
I'm not sure where to put this comment. I only have Ben's email address... so I put it here, although it has nothing to do with nice neighbors. (I do like that though!)

A while back I tried a variation of your mango salsa and put it on fish tacos. I think your recipe came from a topping for pork chops??? Not sure. Anyway, I posted it on my blog and one of my mission friends mentioned recently (well... sort of recently...I've been meaning to send this for a while) that she checks your recipe blog and has tried some of your recipes. Thought you might be interested in knowing you have a fan that you had no idea about. :) Her comment is on my June 19 (Things we hear a lot around the house) post.

By the way, we have some fun news (please share with Ben). Its posted on July 5!

Brig and Ashlee said...

I can't believe you live in Australia! You have been all over the world. Brig's idea of a vacation is going to Salt Lake overnight :) We don't get out much. As of a couple months ago we live in Lehi. I'm slowly turning Brig into a city boy. It would be so fun to get together when you guys come home for a visit!

Your kids are so adorable. Who thought the day would come when we are the parents instead of the crazy kids running wild through the streets. We have one girl Brooklyn and another one coming Christmas Eve (hopefully earlier). Maybe I could take some cooking lessons from you some day so my family won't have to suffer eating the same thing over and over again.

It was so good to hear from you! Hope all is going well.

lukeandjillfamily said...

Your stories still make me laugh so hard. It was fun glancing through your blog today!! I'm glad things are going well. Your kids are so cute--you have a fun little family.

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