Feb 25, 2009

Christmas Part III -The Utah Chapters

I do not recommend attempting to blog after this much time has passed. I don't even know what to say about this part of the trip, the memory has gone quite fuzzy by now. Pretty much I may just describe the pictures, which is something you could do for yourself with one glance so it's a bit redundant. Three cheers for redundancy!

Laine and her Grams 'makin' cooookies' I love the glossy eyed look but my favorite has to be that she is making frosting while holding a balloon with her Grandma -as a kid does it get any better??

Still has the balloon. Nothing like balloons and sugar! Great combo

Frosting the cookies {pretty much pointless, should have just given them a spoon to eat the frosting and saved ourselves the mess} with their cousins Lexa and Josh

Laine feeding baby Joss. She is so baby crazy this girl, she really bonded with her cousin! As proof we spent some time with Kristine and Jordan, that is Kristine's knee

This is the day Auntie Katie spoiled my kids rotten! Ben and I went to SLC to visit Bodyworld's while Kate took the kids to play at McDonald's playland, followed by hours of toy shopping then chased that down by and rotting their teeth out with lolly's galore. They loved every minute of it and Mom and Dad had a great date {a whole entire day!} and were just glad for the kids to be there with someone who loves and squeezes them so much

Still missing are the rest of the photos on the camera we left in Utah. We always leave a little something to remember us by...

I never would have thought pictures of us sledding down the snowy hills would be novel, but seeing as how it's been a summer heat wave here recently I now get why it would be, so it's too bad I don't have them. The kids do love sledding with their cousins every year!

We also made snowmen and snowangels of course, and drank plenty of hot chocolate and apple cider. Santa came and brought way too many toys and we enjoyed the family parties and holiday sweaters and driving in the ice and snow.

It was a great trip, thanks for the memories friends and family!


Gaengy said...

So glad you didn't think it was too late to add this post. So fun to see the kids enjoying grandma and the cousins and the talk of Utah snow! I miss it every now and then, but yesterday when it was 65 and sunny and I had the windows open, I was loving it!

Kristine L. said...

Ahhh the balloons. What is it with your kids and their balloons? I would have thought for sure that Laine had grown out of her obsession. Thanks for the shout out to my knee!

Now let's see some Australian adventures!

Anonymous said...

I finally found your blog again. I lost it after a small mishap of trying to update things. Anyways, its fun to catch up and see what you've been up too. I didn't know you guys were moving. Post some pics. I want to see your new crib!

Whitney and Josh said...

auntie katie really does love them and spoil them! i've witnessed it first hand. she looks so cute with them in that pic! and in the australia pics your hair still looks fantastic wind blown. i hate you gildeas and your beautiful, thick, stylish hair!

Kate Gildea said...

Oh I want to hug and squeeze and spoil them some more!!

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