Mar 3, 2009


Up until this point, there really hasn't been much evidence to prove that we actually live where we say we do. I think there have been deuce pics of kanga's, but they've both been in zoos of which could have been taken anywhere, right?

Well here it is, we really are here. Yup, it's official. I'm not sure why it took us a year to gather photographic proof...that dang camera is so elusive when you need it most.

This is our trip to the city via the ferry. Take notes everyone, because this trip was hot, and when you come visit us this will fur sure be on your itinerary. It really was amazing.

Me... and my hair. Boat rides are not the way to travel if your about looking good upon arrival FYI

Isn't that the sweetest little face?? And Gabe looks pretty cute too.

B&W for the trendy effect

Gabe's windblown face is the BEST, seriously, it doesn't get better

I've spoken too soon. His 'I'm asleep standing up' face might have inched windblown out

Not sure why I love this pic so much, but I do

Laine's hair freakin' rules in this shot. It was a rather blustery day ya'll.

The End

{Is ending a post as awkward for anyone else, or is it just me?}


Noahr said...

Great post Nat. I think you are an apt post ender. It's easy to see why you love these photos because you make a pretty stinking cute family.

Gaengy said...

Loved to see there was a new post in spite of your busy schedule! Looks so beautiful! The family looks great too! Can't wait to see you all soon!!

Mel said...

Beautiful! I love the shots, the hair effect is great! You are all beautiful no matter what!

Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

I am sitting here longing for the day that we don't have to wear coats, hats, and gloves to exit the house. Love the pictures, especially Lane's crazy hair. And yes, I often just sit at my computer wondering a good last line for my post. Maybe I'll just copy "The End" from you.

Nick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stacey said...

You so crazy! So I'm a little confused on what city you live in...Did you move to Perth?

ps. love the shot of Laneys hair!

Karmann and Ryan said...

I love those pictures!I love ones that arent perfect and not always looking at that the camera! I love how the wind is blowing and the fun flying hair on everyone! The boat ride looks amazing! I am so jealous that you are there!!!Your family is so cute! I love ya!!!

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