Jun 28, 2009

Hot Sydney Nights

This weekend I surprised Ben for his birthday by kidnapping him and taking him to the city for an overnight getaway. I arranged for our friends the Finch's to take the kids straightaway after Laine's birthday party {details forthecoming} so we could head out to see the sights. Thanks Finch's! -Though I know I'll get mine soon enough...

We stayed at the Shangri-La in The Rocks in Sydney. It is such a fun little area with this great weekend market and lot's of quaintly shabby old architecture juxtaposed with the leaping modern sky scrapers in the near distance. And of course it was just above the Opera House and Circular Quay.

View from our room on the 19th Floor

Heading out for dinner at The Italian Village right on the water. The meal and view {yeah, this WAS our view, we are right outside the restaurant which is an open-air restaurant} were both delicious

Harbour Bridge in the distance, of which we finally did the walking trek across the next day

Cute little bits and bobs in the city - the Argyle Stairway

On our way to dinner, taking advantage of one of the rare times we remember our camera, hence this being the 67th picture of me with this smile, pose, and outfit -just a {slightly} different background

'Allo Govnah, cheerio.

Argyle Stairs, different view, new outfit, different time of day

Heading up to the bridge

We also went to Paddy's market in Chinatown. It was so good to finally get a feel for the city and how it is laid out, since up until now I still didn't really have my bearings.

We missed the kids but were glad they weren't there to drive us crazy. Like Ben said at breakfast, when you're with them you wish you were alone, and when you're alone you wish they were there. They had fun playing with their friends and we were so glad to hear that they had behaved themselves!

Happy Birthday next week Ben {the 3rd if you are wondering}. And don't forget come next Friday, that WAS your present!


Kristine L. said...

That looks so fun!

Happy (early) Birthday Ben!

Gaengy said...

What a fun way to celebrate! Happy early birthday Ben!

Erin said...

Great photos! Great place to stay for a nice night out. I love The Rocks. Such a great old area. I am glad you got down to Chinatown and got your bearings a bit more. I understand that feeling of disconnection when you can't quite fit all the pieces together. It is a big city here, but you'll know it like the back of your hand soon enough. Glad you had a great weekend!

Kimberli said...

Happy Birthday Ben!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday, Ben! What a great place to be and to celebrate. Thanks for posting again, Nat. You were struggling there for a while... :)

Emilee said...

Happy Birthday Ben. Looks like you guys had a great time and I know what you mean about having the kids with you and also when they aren't with you, I can never get enough of McKenna but other times I need a big break.

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