Jul 14, 2009


Just arrived fresh off the airplane. A massively huge thanks to Ben for not only making it through the week without me, but having things so well put together that I honestly had to wonder what they keep me hanging around for!

Seriously Forks, the place was immaculate -it could have passed a white glove test, and besides Gabey being sick and losing his voice and now sounding like Donald Duck, the kids were no worse for the wear. A huge relief since this whole working thing is new and unexplored territory for us.

If you don't read my HOTGP blog then you are unawares that I was home last week on business, filming again for Shelf Reliance in the Test Kitchen. It was a hecka long {and at the same time short} week. My Mom flew out to be with me which was so great -I can't wait to make it big or start a business and HIRE her! She was such a worker and also a huge source of strength to me whilst I was so far away from my little family! Here she is filling in for one of the camera men who had to take 5.

The shoot went really well and I can't wait to get the latest installment of videos up since they are sure to be much better than the previous ones where I had no clue what I was doing!

It was also great to get together with friends, I swear in this tiny short trip I saw more people than I usually see over 3 weeks of being home. Still, there were many of you that I missed and I really want to make it happen next time! It was really fun to have Chris, Ben's Mom, and my SIL Caysie and nieces Rylee and Avery come up one afternoon too.

Today I am home with the kids and it is school holidays for the next two weeks. Man, the kids around here must be bored out of their gourds! I just had a knock at the door and as I got closer a little voiced said, 'It's the police! Open up!' Hilarious since the kid was all of like 7 years old.

It ended up being this group of nieghbor boys wielding plastic guns. Laine and I humoured them by running from pilar to pilar and bush to bush while they tried to shoot us.

I ran up and searched and searched for a toy gun for Laine to join the 'fun' -but could only find a lightsaber... Meanwhile they are ringing the bell like crazy, so I got on the intercom and talked in a scary voice telling them we wouldn't be coming out -even for 'the FBI'.

Laine ran out weilding her 'lightsaber' and was saying things in her tiny mouse voice like, 'hello boys, I'm going to get you...' all the while they are making fun of her saber and saying things like, "I just shot your face off!' Oh man, are these the kinds of experiences you miss out when you don't have brothers? They were cracking me up! They are so into it and serious!

Later this week we are heading up to Brizzie {Brisbane} since Ben has a work thing and we thought it best to tag along on acount of the holidays. It is North of here so it should be warmer yeah, sign me up!

Okay, there is another ring of the bell, I guess I better go shoot some faces off...er...


Kristine L. said...

Looks like tons of fun! I am sad that I couldn't make it up to film... next time.

Those boys sound hilarious... and imagining Laine's mouse voice is even more hilarious.

Gaengy said...

What fun with those boys! Would have loved watching you and Laine shoot it out with them! It was so much fun...and work at the photo shoots. I had a lot of fun and it was great seeing you in your element! What a natural! Shelf Reliance is dang lucky to have you! It was amazing to see how good you were with no script or cue cards... Thanks for the fun time!

Emilee said...

That's awesome! I'm so glad you joined in the fun, it's best not to grow old and forget the fun of being a kid.

Ashley said...

You are one busy lady! Kudos to your hubby for holding the fort down while you were gone.

Kate said...

K, I wish we had had brothers....hahaha. I can only imagine little Laine chasing the boys away, so fun.

Susie Faye said...

Natalie, don't know if you remember me--but it's Susie from Wirthlin Worldwide!! Remember?? The crappiest job ever, but we laughed our heads off all the time? My husband knows Katie from HS. so we were just glancing at your classy blog and what's this shelf reliance filming you do?? I may read up on it more later, but that's groovy!

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