Jul 24, 2009

Here they are

I'm still getting a lot of people confused about how they can find the videos for Shelf Reliance, so I'm posting this one here and obviously others can link to it. Otherwise you can do a search for Shelf Reliance on youtube, or they are on the product pages {hard to find because not every product has one yet} or you can go to SR's youtube page, www.youtube.com/shelfreliance.

This one is an informational video, and I'll be doing one of these for every product we have to explain more about it. I LOVE doing these because I'm getting the chance to answer all of the questions that I myself had as a customer before becoming an employee.

So here they are so there shall be no more confusion!

Thanks for all of your support with my new job and my new role. I still have so much to learn and sometimes I get frustrated that I don't have it all figured out right now. I'm mostly speaking of being more engaging on camera. At the time you film it feels like you're being a major cheese wiener. Then you watch and realize you could still need to give MORE! But I am learning so much from this job it is unreal. And I'm so grateful to be able to be making a living doing something I enjoy so much!


Gaengy said...

Just got home from girls camp! Love the video. You get better each time! I got my 2 cased of thrive for helping you in Utah which I am way excited about! Great job on the video! Love you!

LuAnn said...

Great job Natalie! What a fun job. I've been trying to figure out exactly what you've been doing for them. I missed a post about how this all came about...if there was one. I might have to give Thrive a try. You are convincing. :)

Mel said...

K you are ADORABLE!!!! You did a fabulous job, totally natural. You make me want to buy the product! So impressed and can't see where this is going to take you!

C Hall said...

Fantastic! I'm finally feeling excited for food storage. Next, if you could just get me going on my family history with some of those videos I'd be set!

Jenni said...

The videos are awesome! You really do a great job. I think it would be hard to be natural in front of the camera. You must be so busy coming back and forth.
I have a tiny suggestion. If you do more videos with the TVP products instead of saying "or if you are trying to do the vegetarian thing" you might just want to say "or if you are a vegetarian" because most vegetarians don't consider that they are "trying" or that it is a "thing". :)
Just a little thought but really I think it is awesome what you are doing and I want to try the products. Especially the eggs.

Jenni said...

I am glad you didn't mind me leaving that comment. I really debated because when you type something it can come off differently then you wanted it to sound and I really didn't want to come off rude. You know what I mean? I know you didn't mean to come off condescending so I figured it wouldn't hurt to let you know some people may take it that way. I just hoped it would be constructive.
And I totally know what you mean about it being a "fake meat". I probably would never eat it the TVP products (maybe if I was starving and there was nothing else to eat). I am not the type of vegetarian that eats meat substitutes like Tofurky. You are right that that type of vegetarian is probably the type who is "trying it". The person who really can't live without meat so they try every substitute for it and then are never satisfied so they go back to eating it. Just a side question, do you know why they don't have any real meat products? Do they just not store well?
Anyway, I really do think it is pretty awesome that you got this job and I think you are the perfect person for it because I feel like I can trust your opinion of the products knowing that you appreciate good food. My trouble with food storage is that I don't want to store things I know I will not use because I feel like it is a waste. I think the freeze dried fruits look awesome.
Good luck with everything I am sure you are super busy!

hot garlic said...

Hey Jen, No worries and I truly am SO glad you left the comment. I know I have blinders on with my job, and I really appreciate people alerting me to differing viewpoints so that I can grow. It is difficult trying to be all things to all people, so speak up people and tell me what you want so I can please you better!

I am loving my job but have been depressed this week as I've just viewed some of the new videos I just did and they are truly not where I want them to be. In fact, I've taken the opportunity while Ben is away and the kids have been asleep to practice and roleplay at night. I feel like the. biggest. idiot. But I am excited that it is helping me to take command and be better. And I'll take any opportunity to improve that I can get, even constructive criticism.

No, I would never take what you said the wrong way because I could feel your true meaning and it was loving and gentle the way you wrote it and thus easy to listen to it and not get defensive.

Please go see if you haven't already, I did post a comment on the video. But youtube is so stingy! There was so much more I wanted to say but I maxed out the character limit.

As for real meat products, they do! I think it is really new though because I just finished writing the recipes for the labels for them. They have freeze dried chicken chunks and beef chunks with about 4 more on the slate -sausage and I don't remember the rest. They sent me some samples to work with and figure out and I'm excited to have an alternative to the TVP and people are loving the real meat. There is also some kind of long-term TVP beef jerky that is supposed to be awesome.

Yes, you can't go wrong with the fruits. They are A.maz.ing. So good, you must get them, every single one of them! I love most of the vegetables too, actually all of them I love but some work better than others. All of them I would eat happily, especially in an emergency. But a select few I do use now all of the time and am really happy with them. I've done some way cool things with the spinach.

Okay, NOVEL! Long story long, loving my job.

Ashley said...

Good Job. I thought you came off as confident and fun. Can't wait to see more.

Leslie said...

..very cute and peppy. Loved the video all the way around.
OMG..my house is on fire.gotto go get my ham TVP!!LOL

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