Jul 18, 2009

Home Trip

Uhm, hi, I just barely found the photos from our trip home in April / May, along with some other oldies and goodies. Here's a sampling of what happened this spring/fall?:

The kids after the forever long plane ride, driving up to Gaengy and Pop Pops {about a 3 hour long drive after 14 hours on a plane}. They wouldn't be so tuckered if they would SLEEP ON THE PLANE! This time was an improvement over last time's 45 minutes of sleep for Gabey. He upgraded to 2 out of 14 hours. Kill me now.

Incredibly fuzzy photo of basically nothing on account of the blurrieness. We met Nick and Nicole's family at Uncle John's Pizza Factory or whatever. The kids riding the rides and enjoying being with their cousins.

Some choice photos that Laine obviously took. The string of them was priceless. Who doesn't want a shot of Gram's bedroom carpet, an extreme close-up of Kristine's eyeball, Gabey running away naked, or an out of focus shot of Dad on his cell phone while folding his clothes -half the shot being taken up by a finger?

Moving on to the Disneyworld portion of our trip... Gabey and Laine rocking up to one of the parks. We went to the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach Waterpark, and Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark. The humidity had already broken through the 4 layers of hairspray I plastered Laine's hair with. Girl likes to look good! Oh well, happens to the best of us sista.

Laine was so cute with the characters. I didn't realize what a big deal to kids of this age! At that age I was still really more into biting or otherwise destroying the toys stage, so I was really in the dark on the love affair kids have with the characters. However, early on in this trip Laine schooled me, and under her wise tutualiage I came to realize how important it is to them.

She got a card on one of the rides for participating and for the rest of the day she recanted how she was going to give it to Mickey when she saw him. She was so excited, it was really sweet. When she finally did see him she had forgotten it and was so sad! Kids sometimes pick the funniest things to place such importance, but it really is so vitally important them, and it is sad to see the disappointment!

We waited in several of the lines for a variety of different characters. I would have preferred to be riding rides, but sometimes, as mothers we learn it isn't all about us -repeat after me: this trip is about the kids, not Nat. I will wait in forever long lines to see grown-ups in hot furry fake costumes in 95 degree heat and 100% humidity and like it, LIKE IT I say!

Awe, so sweet. It was so worth it. The hours of waiting, the heat, beading up, the whining, the bunions that were formed while standing in line. Yup... seeing this picture it was ALLLLL worth it.

Gabey, aka Mother Boy, was not so into the characters. We have a few precious shots that are akin to most of the shots we have of him with Santa. Not happening. This was the nicest we have, and only cause Momma was in the middle, a proverbial barrier between him and evil Tigger.

PS that was awfully rude of Tigger to ruin the picture by doing bunny ears to me. Maybe he really is evil Tigger...

One of the many nights Dad was in meetings and Mom was left entertaining the kids. I took them down to Downtown Disney for dinner like at 8:30 on a Friday night. It was P.A.C.K.E.D. We didn't get a seat for dinner until after 10:00 at night. Crazy. We still went to the Ghiradelli Soda fountain after -Zowie, a must try. I highly recommend. Once again, if I talked dirty about food, this post would be inappropriate right about now. I'll refrain. But it was goooood.

Daddy finally joining the party. We headed out with our friends the Ogden's to the Prehistoric restaurant that had some clever, dinosaurish name. It was themed to the M.A.X and was actually quite incredible, as you can see. Gabey showing what he thought of the realistic sounds and robotics

Gabey getting impatient for food, we had waited an hour and a half for the table

The kid is too cute and silly, it is always impossible to just pick one shot of him

Better view of the restaurant, and since there are so few shots of Dad with us, here's a double take on this one too

The kids taking what just may be their last chance for a ride on dogs made of legos

Ben parked the car and took with him the hotel key. It was late and there was not a moment to spare in getting the kids to bed, so it was time to skin the rabbit so jammie time could happen asap once Ben returned with the key. What are naked kids to do but run up and down the halls of the hotel?


Anonymous said...

Your kids are so dang cute!! Little Gabe takes me way back! He looks just like a cousin I grew up with!

Gaengy said...

Fun to see all the pics from your trip...Loved the funny stories too! Give them all a big squeeze from me!!

Kristine L. said...

Geez! Could that post be any longer? I am going to have to go back and review it just so I can remember what I wanted to comment on!

first, the pictures Laine took. I remember it well. I think she took about 45 of them. And after each one, she was a giggle goose.

Love Gabey's glasses. Very styly. And I am sure Laine was devastated that her hairspray disappeared in the humidity. Isn't that what every 4 year old fears??

Looks like Pop Pop has taught Laine well... she's got that side hug down! But really, those hugs are ADORABLE. She is sincerely in love with those characters!

Let me guess... you made the kids ride on the dog? You are for some reason OBSESSED with kids riding dogs.

Please bring your kids to visit soon. I miss them :(

That is all.

Noah said...

Ben, nice flowery shirt! Did you borrow that from Nat?

Kate said...

Sorry.....got a little behind on the comments here. Cute post, I laughed out loud...many a times. However, is it weird that I saw you SEVERAL times on the trip and I was never mentioned. Living in the shadows.....someone else's dream.....

mark said...

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