Oct 10, 2007

Baby's first corn on the cob

This Boy really puts the food down, at this rate I think he will be a linebacker. But I had no idea he was capable of handling his first corn on the cob! I will post some post-feeding belly pics. He always looks about 8 months pregnant after eating (or as Uncle Noah says, he looks like the starving children of Africa with a swollen belly)

Grrrrr... stay away from my corn!

Got it just about clean!


Gaengy said...

yes the boy can eat! does he have enough teeth to get those kernals? i guess the pictures answer my question! your food budget is going to go up soon once that guy gets a little bigger!

Lindsay said...

Ha! Did he eat the COB too??? Looks like he at least WANTED to!

Kristine G. said...

Um.... did you get onto my blog and add those pictures? I guess you didn't forget my password... And i guess that I shouldn't make you angry since you can sobotage me.

Nick & Nicole said...

So cute! Is he going to outgrow Laine pretty soon?

Lis said...

Hey Natalie~
I wandered from your cooking blog to your family blog, great work! Courtney mentioned you want to teach a blogging class, and I so hope that happens. I am ready for some new material!!
Hope you are doing well, any luck on the house??
Such cute kids! It is always fun to see what they are up to.
Chat soon!

Nick & Nicole said...

Do you have some sort of photo editing program, that is the best way to make a header. I downloaded one for free called "The Gimp." I know, lame name. I got it from scrapbooksgonedigital.com. Let me know if you need some help. I spent hours on the web watching tutorials on how to use it.

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