Oct 31, 2007

Halloween at Cornbelly's!

We had a way fun trip to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point Last week! Aunt Katie got to come and the kids and Ben and I loved having her along! She is such a sweet Aunt to the Kids and they just love her! Here are some pics:

When we went to Cornbelly's last year with Laine, I was still pregnant with Gabe. I was so jealous of everyone who got to jump on this big trampoline thing! I waited an ENTIRE YEAR for my turn. It did not disappoint.

Katie Giving Gabe a ride on the "whorsey" as Laine would say. I love your face Kate, you look like you should be saying something like, "Hey there Dollface, come on up here and have a ride with your Auntie Kate. It'll be the bees knees, the cats pajamas, really Doll!" (Said in a very low smoker-voice with a cackle-laugh at the end)

Laine wondering what she has gotten herself into

Gabe loved the wagon ride

Ben looking like he is having the time of his life!
Gabe is with me for every picture because Laine HAD to do everything with Daddy. Motherboy doesn't look to sure about the ride, but I guess since Mom was with him he could try to brave the BIG, LONG slide...Good times


Melanie Whiting said...

Natalie how come every picture I see you in you are so stylish! You really have a knack for it! Katie look so cute, how is she? Hi Katie if you read this. She is such a fun person. I used to drag Heather around with me before she got married and I had 2 kids. Watch out you will love the boy parties for Gabe. Boys are fun to me. Don't you think that you feel differently about boys than girls. I think it is that my daughter is just like me, has the same hormones and so I expect more out of her. I don't know. I gush over the boys. Sorry for the long response! You look great and that you had such a fun time.

Melanie Whiting said...

By the way how is the house selling process coming? Not such a good time to sell. Your house is beautful!! And I love the car too. Feds just cut rates today so maybe that will help.

Jenni said...

That place looks like a lot of fun. The trampoline would be my favorite too. I love this time of year and all the fun fall things you can do.

Kristine G. said...

Thanks for the invite buttmunch!

Gaengy said...

Looks like fun...so nice to have a good Aunt around to help out, I know Nicole's kids love having aunt Emmie around to play with. Hope you all have a happy halloween wish we could see the darlings in their costumes. It was so fun last year with Laine! Have fun.

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