Oct 13, 2007

House Update

I am writing a new book called, "Adventures in Selling Your Home" here is what I have so far:

"This sucks."

So this week we got the bait and switch twice. One person called midweek and said they wanted to drive by. I said if they gave me 10 minutes I could whip it together for them to come inside. They didn't sound like they were interested, but also didn't say they would not come. So, despite the fact that I was in the middle of dinner for Laine and a bath for Gabe and Ben was playing softball, I scurried around the house for 45 minutes to get it in pristine condition.

I wiped, polished, mopped, scrubbed, picked up clutter, shoved miscelanious objects in nightstands, armoires, and even the fridge (kind of reminded me of last week and the open house when I was so frantic I put a piant can in the fridge to get it out of the way). I once again lit ALL of the candles, the fireplace. The table is of course still set, so we are eating on a small patio set that I bought and haul in and out of the house. Anyway, they were a no show.

Then today, a whole carload of people show up for the Open House! Yay! Not really, because today we decided to take the day off, completely. When they showed up and noon, neither of us were dressed, appropriately and the house was a wreck. We ran to throw on shirts and hats and I finally ran to the door as they were backing out. They wanted to see the house, and I asked if they could give us 10 minutes to whip it into shape. They said they would go to another open house in the neighborhood and be back after that. So once again the routine of frantically cleaning and lighting began, as the lunch I had just finished making sat on the stove getting cold. Once again, all for nothing. They, of course, never came back. They probably really wanted to buy and ended up signing on the other house, I am sure that is what happened.
PS: I answered many of the questions in a comment on the last post about the house, but in case you missed it, the house is in in Herriman (that is in SLC for those of you who aren't familiar, really far south and really far west. About 5500 West 14200 South). It is listed for $379,900 and that includes our car, Mercedes-Benz ML320 for free. If you want more info I have a blog for the house too. www.homeinherriman.blogspot.com.


Nick & Nicole said...

I could not agree more! Now you know why I lived at mom and dad's for three weeks last year. It is impossible to keep your house clean enough all of the time. So sorry!

Jocee Bergeson said...

This makes me angry. Someone needs to buy your house and they need to do so ASAP! It really is a great house and it will sell soon, but it is so hard to be patient when you feel like your life is soon moving on....to bigger and better places. Keep me updated. I'm hoping it happens soon, very soon!

Brittany said...

Hey Natalie,
I got your e-mail with the yummy recipe and your gourmet recipe blog (from Healthy Living). You're amazing!! Your blog is darling and your home is beautiful...I've never been inside!! I can't believe you're throwing in your mercedes for free (I'll take it!!) I love blogging and also have a blog. My address is www.brittsbroadcast.blogspot.com. It's such a great way to keep in touch. It was fun to find you in the blogging world!

Lis said...

That does stink!! Sorry about all the no shows. Hope this week goes much better!
Our family blog is www.poggiofamily.blogspot.com
Hope to see ya there!

Ashleigh said...

I'm so sorry for you. This is why last year we decided Wednesday night to sell our condo, spent 2 days cleaning, organizing and moving stuff out of our house like mad, listed it Friday night and left Saturday morning to Maine for 11 days. When we got back I had to deal with 3 days of spotlessness since we were mulling over offers and still showing in the meantime (different market obvoiusly). I remembering taking a shower, cleaning it and removing all shampoo bottles every morning and being left by 9 since there was a series of showing going on all day. We lived at the park and ate Wendy's. But 3 days . . . what do I have to complain about compared to you?! And at least we had showings right. Good luck to you. Come to my house someday if you need it.

Kristine G. said...

Ok this is getting ridiculous. You are making my soul hurt! Just stop with the non-sense, and list with an agent... and keep your car and sell it to cover the fees. I can't take this anymore! You are making ME frustrated! :)

Kristine G. said...

Since when?

Sunny said...

Natalie, I have so been there!!! We sold two houses within a year and both of them took a long time. It is so frusrtating to try and keep your house in decent condition. I did get real good at cleaning my house fast, though. A good trick I learned is to throw everything in the car!! (Preferably the one that you are not selling.) They'll never look in that. Good luck!

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