Nov 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween! Chris and Alan (Ben's parents) and Noah and Allison (Ben's brother and his wife) and Katie (my sister) all came to enjoy the festivities and gush over the cutest zebra and chicken!

We had a nice dinner. Then everyone took a turn taking the kids around to Trick or Treat, maximizing our ground coverage and candy output. (GetcandyGetcandyGetcandy!) We also did carmel apples, they turned out so delish!

Laine practicing her cuteness before heading out.

We didn't get a shot of the whole crew because for some reason Ben decided to remove his costume the minute he got home. If you can't tell what I am for Halloween, I'm Laine.

Noah and Allison taking the kids out to Trick Or Treat

Allison was a BYU co-ed, complete with "Utah Valley Hair"

We had to snap a pic of the twin zebras when Cayden came Trick or Treating at our house

Here's one for posterity


Kristine G. said...

Chicken? I thought she was going to be Elmo!

Jocee Bergeson said...

Such cute pics! Thanks for sharing. I love that you dressed up as're a nerd. Oh, and I'm just SO SURE that you're dinner turned out tasty. Heck, you have a VERY POPULAR recipe BLOG so we can expect nothing less from you. :) Oh, and what Mom doesn't make carmel apples on Halloween....pleeeaassee... ha ha

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

Love Halloween!

Nick & Nicole said...

Looks like fun! What was Ben? You look great as Laine. That is so funny!

Melanie Whiting said...

Thanks for the cute pics. I love your orange wall! I did a room in my last house that color. I love color! I am so not a white person and I like bold. Where are you moving by the way !! When are you going to tell?

JLR said...

You definitely have the cutest chicken and zebra, just darling! And that was too adorable you going as Laine! I am dying to know where you guys are moving!

The Wells Family said...

Love it! And way to be so creative and dressing up as Laine. I will have to remember that next year... I laughed when I read the whole "get candy" thing. I just read Bobby the Halloween book by Jerry Seinfield...he didn't get it, but I sure enjoyed it! "Trick or...SNAP!"

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