Nov 13, 2007

Parent Teacher Conference & Tagged

Last week we went to Laine's Parent Teacher Conference for Preschool. It was so cute! Ben came home from work just to go! {I must mention what a supportive Dad Ben has been from day 1. He went to ALL of my appointments with both kids when I was pregnant {except for when he was out of town, or when I was out of town}. He never wants to miss a minute of their exciting lives!}

Miss Lisa had many nice things to say about Laine, as well as some good advice to help her too. Laine loves school and LOVES learning. She loves her school friends too, especially Isaac.

On her questionnaire that Miss Lisa had her fill out, she said that her best friend was "Mommy and Daddy". On another questionnaire that was hung in the classroom, the children were all asked what they were grateful for. Many had really funny kid answers like "stars" or "this kid Chunk that lives down the street from me" but Laine said "Mommy and Daddy" again. We of course LOVED that.

I wanted to "Tag" my kids and write some things down about them that I don't want to forget, so here goes:

1} They both have little "heart tongues". We don't know where they got them, they are so cute. The tips of their tongues are shaped like a heart. Gabe constantly has his tongue sticking out doing "concentration face" while he is playing with his toys. Laine LOVES it and laughs every time and says "there's his tongue!!" in between giggles

{Okay, this one is a bit dramatic, she looks more like a lizard than a heart tongue, but it was the best I could get! It really is cute and not scary in real life!}

2} Laine has the funniest little way of talking {as all kids do} and we almost don't even want to correct the funny things she says. Here is a short list of funny words:

* airplane = hairplane {and hairport of course, which sometimes even turns into whoreport, not sure I want fly out of that place...}

* everything is a color: "Mom, can you get me the red?" "Mom, I need some blue!" She gets very frustrated when you don't know which "blue" is the blue!

* "Mom, I want some in nair" = I want whatever is in your mouth, whatever you are eating

* "I wanna hold you" = hold me please!

* knife = life {which sounds really funny when she says "mom, I need a life, can you get me a life please?"

penguin = poinguin

paint / painting = point / pointing

3} Laine makes the CRUSTIEST facials. She can burn you down with one glare. She usually has something sassy to say that goes along with it, like, "I'm a DON'T do it"

4} Gabe loves to be chased and constantly thinks everything is game. He makes it MURDER to change a diaper {I almost got the best pic of Ben trying to change his diaper on the ottoman while Gabe's head was almost touching the floor because he was wiggling so much} We love his fun personality and his calm easy going attitude {most of the time}

5} Laine NEEDS her cuddles. She would seriously be fine to have 1 whole day where we did nothing but held each other on the couch or in bed. Ever since she was a baby, she always needed a good half hour of cuddle time after every nap. I of course LOVED it {and still do!}. With Gabe making life a little more crazy, sometimes there just isn't time for the cuddles, which makes it hard for Laine. She is a whole different person when she gets her cuddles. -Gabe on the other hand, does NOT need any cuddles. He loves to wiggle and run free.

6} Like her mother, Laine LOVES treats! From sunup to sundown it is a fight against the candy. It is the first thing she asks for when she wakes up and all through-out the day. Gabe just plain likes to eat, and eat, and eat...

7} And one bonus for good measure... Laine has been potty trained since the day she was 2, even through the night! It was great. We always said "good girl Laine!" when she went, and once again, this girl is a creature of habit. A year and a half later we STILL have to say "good girl Laine" after every trip to the potty. She also likes to say "good girl Mommy" when I go or "Good Boy Daddy" for Ben. {She used to say good girl Daddy before she got boys and girls straightened out, it was HILARIOUS!} And sometimes she gives me treats after I go potty since she still gets treats sometimes too. She just LOVES to be the Mom!


Jenni said...

Those are great. It is so good to write stuff like that down because as much as I think I won't forget the little things, I know I will and I already have! Alex and Ayden have heart shaped tongues too. Brad has one too. He and one other sibling (out of 9) have them but neither of his parents do. I wonder if all of mine will. Anyway, that is funny because I don't know anyone else with them, but now I do!

Nick & Nicole said...

I hate when I write this whole comment and then blogger won't work, so annoying.

Anyways, gosh that girl looks just like you! The "good girl Laine" thing is hilarious. Last year it was hysterical dad saying in frustration, "I don't know what you want!" and then you yelling from the other room, "SAY GOOD GIRL LAINE!!" I didn't know that she still did that, I hope she outgrows it before college!

Kristine G. said...

Hehe... I loved this post. After every single thing, I was like... yep, that is DEFINITELY Laine. She is a funny little girl. I am excited to have her all to myself this weekend! Maybe I will even get some cuddles. She never gives me those when her mommy is around. She will learn...

Gaengy said...

Thanks for sharing all the fun stuff about the kids. For you well you live with all of that but for those of us that dont get to see the kids often its nice to hear about it all. Hope you have a good time on your trip...Kristine give the kids some cuddles from grandma or gaengy as Nat has them call me!

Allison & Noah Riley said...

I love this post. I think my favorite Laine-ism is "I want to hold you." I always follow-up with some corny comment about how I'm too heavy to hold, etc. but she just takes it in stride... as long as I'm actually holding her apparently she's not offended (or even realizing) my sarcasm. What a sweet little girl!

Linda U. said...

Your kids are SO adorable! That's awsome that your are keeping track of the cute things they say and do!

James and Heather English said...

I was laughing at all the words Laine says! Like how she says Point for paint, Carter says Boink for bank. I laugh everytime. "Mom can I get a sucker at the boink? haha kids crack me up.

JLR said...

That's so fun that you tagged your kids. Your fam is just so dang cute!

The Wells Family said...

So Sweet! do you get your pics to look like that (coloring)? Please do tell!

Kate said...

You forgot to add that she sounds like some character like Mario most of the time...."I donta wanta do dis." That's my personal fav. I am so excited to be able to be mommy for a few days next week.

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