Nov 9, 2007

Tagged! (Only about a bajillion times...)

Okay, I don't typically do these, but thought I would humor just about every single one of my friends who has attempted to tag me {over the years, Sarah}. I also have really enjoyed reading all of yours, and learning more about you. So here goes:

1. I am EXTREMELY easy going about many things, but SERIOUSLY ANAL RETENTIVE about some things you wouldn't expect. I only drink certain beverages out of certain styles or colors of cups. I am very picky about it. I am also really, really picky about my silverware. It has to be a certain style, or I just don't enjoy eating off of it. It is really weird. I am that way a little bit with plates, but not nearly to the extent as cups and silverware (bowls are pretty much immune). I try to suppress these habits when I am someone else's house, so don't worry too much about that if I happen to be at YOUR house!

2. My sister highlighted my entrepreneurial spirit a little bit in her post on my birthday, but seriously, you have no idea! Since I was a little kid I was always coming up with some scheme. It started with donuts / lemonade stands (we had the best mom who always helped us and encouraged us with this!). Then I also had: a photography studio, I taught ballet {and as my sis mentioned, I had recitals and everything. We have these on film, I should post them on youtube. There I am, my little 11 year old body and voice thanking everyone for coming... hilarious}. We also planned the ski resort for winter, but it never really got off the ground. I also made a catalogue of barbie clothes that I would sew, and tried to sell that door to door, also not as successful. Speaking of sewing, I also taught sewing lessons. Thanks to all of our fabulous neighbors growing up, mostly the Laurets and Cade Taylor (love you Cade!) for humoring me all those years!

3. I LOVE treats. No, you don't understand, I REALLY, REALLY love treats. I rot my teeth out and make myself sick. I usually have a sensible breakfast, treats for lunch and then a dessert of treats for an after lunch snack. I get obsessed and addicted to certain treats. However, if a treat is not good, too sweet, or not my style, I ABSOLUTELY won't eat it. I only eat treats that are "worth it".

4. I am really cheap! I am a total bargain shopper. I love to find a good deal! I recently purchased $250 Antik denim jeans for $15! I also bought 84 Luna bars on ebay for $6.35! (Those bars sell for $1.50 each in stores!) I have a knack for finding good deals and bargains where ever I go.

5. I LOVE to cook and even toy around with going to Culinary school. I don't really want to be a Chef at a restaurant, I think it would be really enjoyable to learn more, even for just my family! The Food Network is my favorite channel {HGTV a close second of course} and they are the only stations I miss now that we don't have TV.

6. I LOVE Adventure parks and water slides! I even love Lagoon, I know that is so white trash, but I love scary rides! I dragged Ben along with me twice this summer, and it was the highlight of the summer for me (he hated every minute of it, thanks for humoring me though!)

I am not tagging anyone because I HIGHLY doubt there is anyone on the face of this planet who has not been tagged already!


Nick & Nicole said...

Don't you dare post those videos!!!! I was one of Natalie's "students." Katie and I got dragged along on all of your little schemes, I don't know how you managed to convince us to so willingly participate. I guess it speaks to your incredible charisma!

Kristine G. said...

"Grandma... is there candy in heaven?" Direct quote from you when you were a child. I wasn't actually there to witness it because I was probably IN heaven watching it, but that is just what I have heard. :)

And yes, you are a little obsessive with your treats. Carmel Oaty Bars? Ring a bell?

ben and natalie said...

You forgot to mention the rest of the quote "'cause if there isn't, I'm not going!"

I really made myself look bad there didn't I! I really do LOVE treats, but I do eat REALLY healthy besides the treat business. For lunch yesterday I ate Sqaush, and that's it. And I am very, VERY selective about the treats. I hate ice cream. I only eat what I REALLY, REALLY like and NEVER {okay, rarely} eat just to eat.

James and Heather English said...

I want to know why I was never asked to be involved in any of these alleged "lessons" of yours! haha Cade Taylor, what a great kid. Please post the videos, I really could use a good laugh! You should go to culinary school. That would be so fun. James wanted to be a chef growing up but his dad wouldn't let him because he said he needed to get a "worthwhile" career! haha

Linda U. said...

I'm glad I found your blog! It's so much fun to learn things about you that I didn't what an awsome cook you are. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I went to your house and you were making some fancy recipe. So cool! I LOVE scary rides too! My favorite is the Tower of Terror at Disneyland!

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