Nov 6, 2007


Thank-you to everyone for your sweet birthday wishes. That was very sweet and thoughtful and meant so much to me! Thank-you, especially to Nicole (and Kristine) for the fun surprise post.

I had a GREAT birthday. It didn't have to be much to beat the string of horrible birthdays of last few years. I was either pregnant and sick, passed out on the floor by the toilet or alone on my big day because Ben was out of town etc. All I am going to say about birthdays is that I am VERY, VERY excited to finally get my shot at having a summer birthday NEXT year.

Back to my birthday. I had a wonderful day. The kids gave me their presents early, they gave me the best gift that kids could give -the gift of sleeping in! Ben put on a movie for Laine and Gabe slept until 9:45! (This is not ususal, we had gone to the Jazz game the night before and didn't get home until really late. He had been asleep at the sitter's house, but then we had to wake him up and he didn't go back to bed until 11:30 probably (sidenote on the game, thanks to the Norton's we sat so close I made eye-contact with the Houston players (don't ask me which ones, how the heck would I know who is who -besides Yao Ming))

Again, back to my birthday. Later that afternoon, Ben came home and we went and picked up the sitter and we were off. Ben surprised me and took me Downtown to the Melting Pot for dinner and then on a shopping spree at the Gateway. It was a really fun and romantic night, fun was had by all.

We couldn't get the camera to work, for some reason it only worked when Ben was taking a picture of me. Twice we asked strangers to take a pic of us together but it wouldn't take despiste all efforts! It was kind of embarrasing. So sorry, here is a pic of me on the my birthday, alone. Totally lame to just have myself, eating food of all things, but you have to have a picture!


Gaengy said...

Glad you had such a fun birthday this year! You deserved it! Sorry I only got to talk to you a minute on your b-day. Katie and I had a blast in Portland...It took me 24 hours to get home though. I just got home yesterday. After a long day at the airport my final flight from LA to Fresno was cancelled. I got to stay at a nice Marriott hotel though so that was nice. Call me when you have some time.
Love MOM

Nick & Nicole said...

So glad that you had such a good day! Love you!

Jenni said...

Happy late Birthday! It sounds like a good day. I love the melting pot, that is where Brad always takes me for special occasions. I am excited to hear where you guys are moving, the hint narrowed it down, I think.

JLR said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I got the hint that you having a summer birthday means you will be "down under" for it? Am I right? Or, are you expecting a third little baby to join you next summer?

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