Sep 7, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I know, what the?!

Maybe you don't remember, but Aussie and American Father's Days don't fall on the same day. And since Mother's Day did, hence I only got one, I told Ben he wasn't going to be milking it and getting two.

Since June was still a crazy time for me / us, and I'll do anything to procrastinate, I decided the Aussie September Father's Day was going to be our best bet. We celebrated it yesterday, but not nearly as much as our Dad really deserved!

Ben is such a great Dad, and the kids just adore him. The happiest moment of their day is when they hear the sound of Ben's car pulling into the driveway. They get so excited, they just eat him up like he's made out of candy!

I personally LOVE to hear Ben reading to Laine. He does all of these funny voices and I just sit outside the room listening and cracking up. And of course Laine is dying with laughter. He makes things so fun for the kids and thinks of so many things to do and say to make them laugh that I would never think of. And all day long Gabey asks for 'Daey! Daey!'

I love how he loves to be home with us. As we've been married longer, I've realized that sometimes guys need to be with their guys. But Ben rarely takes his night out, and spend almost all of his time with us and with me, which is great because he is so much fun and is so funny -we have such a great time together!

Ben is really caring and he is very self-sacrificing. He gives me my way almost 100% of the time and he is very patient and forgiving. He is almost always the first to say 'I'm sorry'... He builds me up and give compliments freely. He is so supportive. He's just all around a great Dad and Husband.

Happy Father's Day Ben!


Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

Those are the cutest family photo's. Love them.

Gaengy said...

Very cute photos! Your hair looks like it grew a couple of inches since I saw you last on the skype! I really like your colors and everyone looks great! Happy fathers day Ben!!

JLR said...

What a sweet tribute to your honey. I love the pics too!

Carl and Mel said...

Funny that it is Father's Day a different day. You can tell Ben is a great father. Your kids are really lucky, it's rare to come by these days it seems like!

Kate Gildea said...

Way cute post...and why didn't I get ANY of these family pictures? Hmm...shady.

Emilee said...

Love the picture of Laine in Ben's coat.

Mike & Nicole said...

Cute pictures!! Ben is such a cute dad...

Jenni said...
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Jenni said...

I found your blog from a different blog a while back. Your family is so cute. I love the pictures. You have a great husband and your are a great mom. Just look how happy those kids you have are!! It is great to you and your family.

Jenni Lawrence(Spencer in High School)

Stacey Lau said...

Awww...happy father's day Ben! I knew you were a keeper when you came home from a business trip at 10 pm and didn't even flinch at the half-made-brownies-friend-assisting-with-bleaching state of things!

Jocee Bergeson said...

Way cute family pic - love it! Thanks for sharing. I also love listening to Brick read to Sage...he entertains me too! ha ha

Ashley said...

Learn something new everyday! Happy Aussie Fathers Day! Your little girls looks just like you!

BECK said...

how was your day?
i liked your blog
you are fantastic!!!

really nice blog
fabulous fantastic
take care
see you

Nate, Insun & Olivia said...

Hi Natalie~~~
I love your family pics.
Your family is so CUTE!!!
I love your blog too. I am sorry that I didn't leave comments whenever I came to your blog. I am not good writer but I enjoy reading your blog and seeing pictures. Nate and I often talked about you guys.

Hayley Nelson Potter said...

Are you kidding me...Do you get a better looking family? You look straight out of a magazine. Your little girl looks just like you. Too cute!

Flinders Family said...

You have such a beautiful family. So, I'm sort of blog-stalking, by the way. This is Becky from SMST, so I kind of feel like we are friends, but I had to comment because I think I know your hubby. I don't KNOW him, know him, but did he go to Utah State maybe?

Kindred Family said...

So... really don't mean to a Debbie Downer, but Ben is none of those things. He's plotting, vindictive, and heartless. And he may have a .900 winning percentage over me in Fantasy Football, but just ask him about how I consistently mopped the floor with him in "Kick the ball on the couch."


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