Sep 30, 2008

To the DC of Australia

Ben and I decided to take a little roadtrip to the Floriade Festival {we didn't and possibly still don't know what is is either, but it was fun!} in Canberra, ACT.

Ben called me on like Tuesday or Wednesday saying our friends, the Hall's, another American family here in Sydney, were going and wondered if we wanted to join up. We said GREAT! And packed our bags and went road trippin'.

Due to our late notice, we paid through the nose for a little dive called the Embassy Motel, ya, you read that right MOTEL, but it was all good. We saw the sites, ate the food, drove around, walked a bajillion kilometers, and basically just enjoyed learning new things and seeing patriotic stuff from this land of Oz.

First stop was The Questicon Science Museum. This is MY kind of Science museum. Rides, games, crazy wierd science stuff that makes science look alluring and cool and exciting.

Ben about to do the death slide -jumpsuit & booties and all

Me, Gabey, my comb over... Isn't she lovely...?

Seriously, look how talented my boy is! I said, 'C'mon Gabe, we're at a science museum, make a dorky face!' He did so well!

What's up -cool girl is back -er maybe Ben snapped the pic and I was unawares, you decide...Here's when we decided to park on the grass at the Questicon 'cause that's how we roll... er maybe because all of the spots were full, you decide

Laine snapping a pic outside the War Memorial -good girl Laine

Ben at the pool of reflection, he looks so peaceful. You probably can't see the eternal flame in the water, but it was beautiful and reminded me of the 80's.

Inside the Memorial in the Discovery Center

Ben and the kids taking off, much to Ben's apparent surprise

Oh yeah, and Laine driving a submarine

Oh, right, and how could I forget the Floriade Festival, of which we were there for in the first place!? I thought with a name like that we would be seeing a lot of dental products or flavored sports drinks -nope, just a lot of flowers and home-grown products and carny rides, and carnys

Not a great pic, but the best we could do with a cheap point and shoot with fingerprints all over it that we discovered at the end of the trip and the kids being all pictured out by this point. This is the closest we came to everyone looking at the camera, sad as that is...

... And a little petting zoo! I decided to spare you ALL of the cuddly, fuzzy, and adorable pics. It came down to one with this really, REALLY cute little brown goat, another of Gabey white-knuckling Ben while being forced to pet a lamb, or goose, or bunny rabbit -there were several white-knuckle pics, or this one of Laine with gooses. I just like this one! My little ragamuffin!

We stopped by this delightful and charming park on our way out of town. Gabey growling at Ben over the pizza. In his defense, it was woodfired Italian, and it was delicious



Kate Gildea said...

Oh man it looks like you guys had so much fun! Loved nerdy white knuckled gabe while little laine is off running around seeing everything. They are too funny!

Gaengy said...

So glad you remembered the camera~ Love the spontaneous shots! Sounds like so much fun! I especially like the parking job on the lawn! You guys are too funny!

Ashley said...

I would have never put your hair and the word combover in the same sentence... Nice! Looks like you and the fam had a good time.

Lindsay said...

You know, as much as I love being home, I can't help but be a little jealous of your adventures in Australia. It looks AWESOME! I'm glad you found some American friends to find cool're practically Australian- what, with walking all those "kilometers".


Stacey Lau said...

Wow, Laine takes a good pic. Impressive. And we all know that cool girl never even're so cool that you can't help it ;)...

Tam said...

Looks like spectacular little jaunt... I can see where it would be hard to tell what the festival is all about. The clown head hanging from the ceiling kind of creeps me out. Hope you guys are doing great! Looks like your having lots of fun.

Phipps Family said...

You guys are always out doing something fun. Makes me feel like a loser when the funnest place my kids make it to is the park. Glad you are doing so well in Australia.

Jeanine said...

How fun, I love the idea of a science museum with rides and activities.

JLR said...

What a fun road trip!

Carl and Mel said...

You are always out doing fun things!! I love that.

Becky said...

Looks like such a fun venture! Ok, so did you ever see HBO's Flight of the Chonchords? So funny (and sometimes a bit crass -watchout)but they're all from New Zeland, and my hubby and I always talk in their accents (ok TMI) anyhow, everytime I read the names of those places you mentioned, I have to say it again in my head in a New Zeland accent. Wrong accent, I know, but I feel like I'm a part of it that way. heheh So fun!

Courtney said...

I say this with kindness of course, Gooses maybe gooses in the USA but here they are geese!!!!! I couldn't help myself really, I just had to say something!!!!!!
Glad you had a good time, questacon rocks, we love going there too. I couldn't do the slide last time were there being preggas and all but James and Claire did it and loved it!

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