Sep 24, 2008

Junior Fire Brigade

Up in the truck

Third from the left in the bottom row

Looking a little bored

Oh, there, she perked up

Okay, I'm all outta funny and crazy, for the time being. Sorry. I honestly can't think of anything in the last few days to report, such a shame. If I think of anything in the next few hours before ya'll wake up, then I'll come back and edit this post.

For now, this is mostly for my Dad, Pop Pop, who as you should well know by now is a firefighter.

Last week the 'Fire Brigade' came and did their thing at Laine's school. So here are the pics of our little Jr. Firebrigaders.

They take skin cancer seriously here, and all of the kids always have to wear hats. They make me giggle.


Krystal said...

Very Cute. My pop is also a firefighter. Fire Chief Mairs! :) That is funny about the hats-do they HAVE to wear them? I am also a little anal about my kids wearing hats, but that is mostly because I am white as a ghost and prone to sunburns/skin cancer and I'm sure that as I married a redhead w/ red skin they didn't get any good tanning genes from us. ;)

Kristine L. said...

Haha I loved these pictures. Are all of those kids the same age? Cause Laine looks like a little shrimp next to all of them. Haha. Also loved the hats and Laine's classic "I-don't-want-you-to-take-a-picture-of-me face". Never fails to disappoint.

Gaengy said...

Cute post...reminded me of the days of you kids on the fire truck and stuff...minus the hats though! I think the hats are cute!

Karmann and Ryan said...

My brother is a firefighter/paremdic! I loved when I taught preschool and it was firehouse day! The kids always had so much fun! i loved the pictures of all the girls in hats! Too cute!

PS: I cant believe the swing set guy! You have some luck sometime!

Stacey Lau said...

So cute. I love the hats. The hats are great.

Taya said...

That blond girl in my pool is Katie Hale (originally Baugh) and she is from Orem. That is so funny. I think she is a year younger in school that we were. Looks like Australia is awesome!!

Lindsay said...

Have I ever told you that I LOVE that you call your parents Gaengy and Pop Pop?


Emilee said...

I love the pic where Laine looks totally bored. hehehe

pop pop said...

looking forward to meeting the blokes and shielas at the fire brigade when we visit. Glad you had a good time, Dad

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