Aug 18, 2007


I was feeling like Ben has been left out of the family blog since his reign over the blog has come to an end. It didn't help that he was in charge of the camera at Chuck E. Cheese, so my last blog entry only has him in the background in one of the pictures. Anyway, I wanted to put a picture of him up, but who has pics of just themselves alone? Not us so much, but I will try to locate some if they exist so Ben can share equal viewage (is that a word?). For now, here is the last pic of us taken together.


Ben and Natalie Riley said...

Okay so I guess I didn't need this post, as I found some pics of Ben from Graduation that have more than made up for his lack in previous posts....

Chris11 said...

Such a nice pic.
We're all missing you guys.

courtney-pants said...

You are the happiest people on earth! Such a gorgeous picture.
All of them.

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