Aug 18, 2007

Duke Gardens and on to Myrtle Beach!

Am I putting on too many pictures? Sorry for those of you who may think this is a bit much, I just want to be able to have them all here for when I print this off as our family journal.
Anyway, after graduation we took a short jaunt in the Duke Gardens, so gorgeous! They were just lovely, and as beautiful as these pics are, they just don't come close to comparing to being there in person. Unfortunately we didn't even capture any pics of the beautiful flowers from around the world that are planted there. Those of us from Utah would not be able to imagine gardens like these were possible in the world, it was just breathtaking. I wish I could go bring a book and sit in the shade for hours and take it all in every day.
We took a short detour, en route to Myrtle Beach, to Fort Bragg. We just had to see our good friends from Korea, Tana and Sam. Their little boy Maxx is just a week or two older than Gabe and is so cute! Somehow he is the only one that takes a good picture, sorry Tana, it's not the best pic of me either, you look a lot cuter in person!

I must say sorry to Ben for posting this pic too, you don't really look like you are 8 months pregnant in real life! It was the only one we had from the pier at the Boardwalk though, so what was I to do?

Dinner at Amici's at the Boardwalk

Us in the world's largest beach chair

Laine loving her ride on T-Rex

The kids and I ready to hit the beach

Ben and the kids at the hotel pool at the Breakers Resort, Myrtle Beach


Andrea said...

Hey! I'm glad you posted on my blog! It has been FOREVER since I've seen or talked to you. First off, your family is just beautiful. I think that our daughters are about the same age, so YES, we should get together and let them play. I'd love to catch up also! Here's my e-mail,

P.S. Congrats on your husband's graduation! That is just wonderful...and probably relieving to be done!

James and Heather English said...

What fun pictures! I have never been to North Carolina and have always wanted to! The scenery really does look gorgeous. Looks like it was a fun trip.

Chelsie Crane said...

What fun to see what is going on with you guys. Tell Ben congrats! Your kids are so cute. How are you guys likeing being back in the promiseland? Is Ben still with 4Life? Are you guys going to head up to Logan for homecoming? Glad to get your posts! Chels

Jocee Bergeson said...

No - you're not posting too many pics. They are all so fun to see! So fun for me to see Tana & her baby's been so long since we've seen them. Does Tana have a blog? If so, do share.

HairyLady said...

I LOVE the updates Nat! You're such a great blogger. Keep it up.

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