Aug 30, 2007

Gabe's first haircut

! So cute! My little boy looks like a little man now with his cute new cut. Though I think next time I won't cut it in his high chair. The food I was feeding to pacify him got hair all in it, poor guy! He was really so good though! I'll post some better before and after pics, he was getting pretty shaggy, but now looks like a baby Brad Pitt (the clean cut Brad that is).

...a little nervous about it

lovin' it, thanks Mom!


Rileys said...

Hey Nat, haircut is very cute. But I can't even say much about putting Laine to bed in her dress- that's weird! Ha Ha Ha
Well, we are finally blogging! We are at we had to finally give in to everyones demands. It's not much now but hopefully soon I can get the hang of it. Well, hope all is well with you guys. Love ya -- see you at X-mas Caysie

Chris11 said...
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Chris11 said...

It's nice talking to you Nat.
I emailed your blog address to all my co-workers; they love Gabe's smile!
Also, we're suprised Laine is almost lady nowadays. hihi
Anyway, I'll visit your home often.
Have a great weekend!!!

ps)if you guys have plan to visit Korea again, you should bring Laine & Gabe for us.

James and Heather English said...

I love the pink bib!

Andrea said...

On the subject of hair, YOURS is super cute. Each time you post a picture of yourself on your blog I think to myself how cute your hair is and how great that cut is on you. I'm jealous!

Jocee Bergeson said...

Gabe is a babe. I need to give Sage a trim soon - I might need to call you for tips! :)

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