Aug 25, 2007

Trip to Gaengy and Pop Pop's!

Katie and I took a road trip to sunny CA to visit our parents! (Sorry, wish I had pics and stories of Ben and his swass on his "business" trip to Puerto Rico...)

Two of Nicole's girls, Avery and Hayden, were there, and Laine loved spending time with her cousins.

Some highlights of the trip were eating lot's of Mexican food, swimming, enjoying a nice evening with the family watching the lovely movie Elizabethtown (Not! -do not be tempted to EVER see this movie), and Hayden's 2nd birthday party at the Adventure Fun Park. There was pizza, games, slick-track rides, my Dad and I getting puked on...

So there I was, innocently playing the children's arcade game to win the kids a lot of tickets, when I feel wetness, wetness, wetness, all over the back of my legs. Sick. Somebody (Hayden) had too much fruit punch or rootbeer and threw up all over my dad and I, though as you can see, my Dad caught the brunt of it. It was a total freakshow, and I still haven't been able to get it all out of my beautiful "Chanel" purse! Nasty. By the way, notice I look like the world's tallest midget next to my Dad.

The kids and I are ready to hit the pool - love it....

Gabe is not so sure about the Mexican food he just ate

Gaengy attempting to get all of the kids to settle down and smile for a nice photo at Hay's party: Avery, Laine, Gabe, Hayden

Laine and I are ready for our ride, at least I am, Laine is looking not so sure... (though she should be, I broke her in at Lagoon this summer. Much to Ben's chagrin I took her on every ride she was tall enough for, even the Tidal Wave! She was shaking!)

Laine still looking not sure about the ride, Hayden doesn't look that pumped either,
are these kids crazy or what?!

Katie and I hitting the pool again, looking good!


Julie said...
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Gaengy said...

enjoyed the update on the blog....its nice to see the are doing a great job

James and Heather English said...

Nat I am so impressed with the quality and amount of blogging you have been doing!! Great job! I told you that it gets kindof addicting. It was so fun to see pics of Katie and Nicole's kids. The best picture is of your dad with the puke! Man that had to be the worst! So fun.

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