Aug 11, 2007

Saying tomorrow is always wishful thinking...

So I really am going to post more posts. I took the camera to Laine's dance class and took a bunch of pics, but then my laptop did something way funny to it's self and I have this peewee screen. The screen seriously is tiny, I don't know how to get it back! It made it difficult to post pics and text when you are 26 and would need reading glasses to see the screen.

Anyway, after that I only had a day to pack before heading out to CA to see my family. Katie and I took a road trip with the kids, 12 hours in the car... yikes. Actually, Laine was an absolute angel and has been sooo pleasant and happy to this day, very surprising. Gabe has not felt good and been cranky off and on. They are both having so much fun with their cousins though. Nicole's two younger girls, Avery and Hayden, are here at my parent's because her son Jax is in the hospital.

Anyway, I brought my camera with every intention of posting some pics, however not only did I forget to bring the memory card, but it also ran out of battery after about 2 seconds. Katie has a camera but no cord, and my parent's camera is out of battery for the moment. What a bunch of kordos. We will charge up that battery and get some swimming and other fun pics up tomorrow! (Yes, I know I said that last post, and you will probably hear it a lot, despite it being untrue most of the time...)

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Ashleigh said...

Put some pictures of Nicole's kids up too! I'd love to see them! Hope you're having fun.

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