Aug 18, 2007

Congratulations Ben! Our Duke Graduation Trip

We are soooo glad to have our Husband / Father back after a 21 month hiatus while doing his MBA through the Duke Cross Continent Program! It was such a long 2 years, looking back I still don't know he we even made it!
We took the fam on a trip to Durham for Graduation in May. Graduation was on the 12th for the Fuqua School of Buisness. It was a very proud and exciting day to see him walk at his graduation ceremony. The next day was Commencement, which was another exciting event. We were glad that Mom and Dad Riley could join us for such a memorable trip.
Ben and Laine relish the day at Commencement

Taking some time to see the beautiful campus

Ben took this pic while standing for the MBA Fuqua School of Buisness Class of 2007

Ben and classmates (top left):
Steven Rodriguez, John Holtz, Mike Wendt, Lex Anniston, Natalie Ngyuen, Jacus DeBeer
Ferdinand Halim, Jenny Mclean, Kristine Singley, Ben Howard Riley III, Patrick Painter

Ben and Laine with Gramps and Gabe walking through campus

The fam in front of the Duke Chapel

Gabe seems to be enjoying himself... and yes he has no pants on, with the heat as intense as it was Gabe was drinking a lot and soaked through his diaper

The fam outside Cameron Indoor Stadium, where Ben's graduation was held

All tuckered out...


James and Heather English said...

I love the first and last pictures in this post, the one with Laine and Ben and then the one of Gabe asleep on his shoulder, so precious!! What a good feeling to finally be done with school!! Wahoo!

Jocee Bergeson said...

CONGRATS BEN!! This is definitely a good thing to have behind you...wahoo.

The Wells Family said...

Congrats, Benny! These pics are priceless and beautiful! I couldn't show Rob the pics because I knew it would make him more jealous that he wasn't able to attend Duke this year. :) There is always next year!

The Wells Family said...
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